Kudos to Erick for three of the most important posts of the year.


Making the Death Panels Permanent

Objecting to the Super Majority



We Are No Longer a Nation of Laws. Senate Sets Up Requirement for Super-Majority to Ever Repeal Obamacare



This should be the line in the sand. When Governor Palin pointed out that buried in the 2000 page gateway to tyranny was authorization for a death panel, even she may have understated the danger. The IMAB (Independent Medical Advisory Board) is a death panel for the politically unconnected. By abusing the Senate’s own rules, lame duck Harry made it virtually non-repealable.


In a post on November 4, I suggested that the public option was a red herring, which would be ‘reluctantly” sacrificed to pass the bill. (The Public Option is a Red Herring).


I believe I missed the larger point that




Earlier this month I posted The Palin Principle. In it, I suggested some language to defang the death panel by stripping it of enforceable powers. I got little response. I have no pride of authorship, and I expect that Red Staters can improve upon or even replace my suggestion.  We have an opportunity to bring this issue front and center. But we need a short simple principle to render the death panel harmless. It should be language that no one can reject without unambiguously punching the senior community in the gut.


I beg of you all to build a consensus around some such provision or principle that can unite the opposition into an irresistible force to obliterate this atrocity.