Goldilocks Recovery: Please help me launch my career as an economic forecaster

The phrase “goldilocks recovery” is floating around in left wing circles (the main stream media) these days. I guess they mean that everything will be just right. Low inflation, economic growth,  stable real estate prices, low interest rates, high paying green jobs, physicians working for free,  world peace, a miracle cure for cancer, and whatever else your heart desires.

The only thing these projections have in common with Goldilocks is that both are fairy tales.
This recovery is all smoke and mirrors. Corrupt self-dealing government officials will continue to take their marching orders from the thieves on Wall Street.
This is not capitalism; it is corporatism, aka fascism. The health care sector is being gutted. The energy sector is being crippled. The economy is being sacrificed on the altar of progressivism.
Real estate prices will continue to plummet, especially in the commercial sector. The market will test this year’s lows. Interest rates will skyrocket as the Fed loses control.
You may ask how do I know all this? I have analyzed thousands of pages of data and fed the results into a proprietary computer model.
Unfortunately, the raw data was inadvertently destroyed, but that is irrelevant. If we don’t act now we are doomed. If I’m wrong, no harm will be done, but if I’m right you ignore my findings at your own peril.

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