Revenge of the Nerds

I just published the fifth in a series of boring posts on the boring calculations which have to be made in order to understand the cost of various health care reforms. There is little new in these observations, but they are rarely (ever?) pulled together in one place. Maybe I’m all wrong; maybe I hit the bull’s-eye. More likely, I’m partly right and partly wrong. Please argue with me!


One reason we are at risk of losing the debate is that nobody in Congress wants to hear a lecture on middle school math. I am disappointed that so few redstaters seem interested. I enjoy the rough and tumble political discussions that dominate here. Yay Sarah Palin!!! Booo Nancy Pelosi!!! But it isn’t enough.


It must be too hard for mere college graduates to follow the garbage put out by the CBO. They are experts. They couldn’t get a date in high school, but they will rule us.


They are crushing us with faulty economic projections. They are smashing us with bad science derived from secret data on climate change.  They are pummeling us with pesky story problems from middle school math.


The cool kids had better start doing their math homework or the revenge of the nerds will be complete.

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