The Public Option is a Red Herring

With the latest 2000 page atrocity it should be clear that the whole point of the so-called public option is to deflect attention from the rest of the bill. Look for a last minute “compromise” removing it or adding opt in or opt out  features. The gullible pundits will crow about this generous gesture of bipartisan harmony. Of all the features of this horrible bill, the public option is far from the worst.

The true purpose of the bill is to expand the control of health care standards by the federal government. Dozens of new agencies and czars will preside over the fiercest attack on our individual liberty since King George gave up his failed attempt to suppress the rights of a free people.

Medicare recipients will be shunted to hospices by “quality of life” panels to save them from the indignity of aggressive treatment. The economy will be crippled by new taxes. Physicians will retire early, necessitating ever more stringent rationing.

Congressmen and executive appointees will get special treatment as they are more important to society than ordinary citizens. So will the weasels running big business as they rush to cheat their shareholders by collaborating with the bureaucrats. Maybe a few important media celebrities will also be bought off with access to better care.

Late term abortion on demand, known as choice to its proponents and murder by its opponents, will be expanded to infants who have no adult advocate of the expense to treat them.  Peter Singer and Zeke Emmanuel will be honored for their progressive ideas.  

None of this requires a government-owned insurance company. The private insurance executives will be the most enthusiastic cheerleaders for the new system in return for their own special privileges. Just as the capitalist vestige of Wall Street surrendered this year with nary a whimper, so will the pathetic remnant of insurance companies and providers, in return for a few years of privileged status.

The cowardly blue dog democrats will cave in to the power-corrupted Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Go ahead patriots. March on the Capitol.  Flood their mailboxes. My heart is with you but my brain says you are wasting your time. It is time to formulate a  plan of action to delay, forestall, impede and disrupt the four year transition to Obamacare, pending the 2010 and 2012 elections.  Only with a resounding rejection by the voters which elects a majority in Congress to repeal, or even just fail to fund the new federal health empire, can we snatch our precious liberty from jaws of voracious progressives.