A Brilliant Idea Courtesy of the CBO

After reading the CBO cost analysis of the Baucus Bill, I have seen the light.  After all, the CBO is the final word.  They are very smart. They never make mistakes. In return for insuring approximately 20 million more people, the average annual budget deficit will be reduced by approximately $8 billion ($80 billion over ten years). That’s an average annual deficit reduction of $400 for each new insured person.


There have been complaints that illegal aliens will be included. Don’t be afraid. That’s great news! If we can just rope in 10 million of them, that should save another $4 billion a year off the deficit.


But why stop there? I bet we can convince 60 million more Mexicans to accept subsidized health care from the American taxpayer. That’s another $24 billion in annual deficit reduction. It’s too bad that the total deficit cut of $36 billion barely dents our trillion dollar annual shortfall.


Canada has such a small population, that it hardly merits consideration. Besides, they all love their current system. We have to think out of the box. Where can we find a few billion people to insure?  I know! China…and India. They should be good for 2.5 billion people. Hooray! That’s a cool trillion—-every year.


Now the CBO screwed up the ten year projected deficits earlier this year. It will take at least $2 trillion a year to balance our budget. Think of the benefit to the rest of the world. They get superior health care and no need to buy our debt.  I think we can scare up another billion or so people and pay off the whole debt in 20 years or so.


Talk about doing well by doing good. This is America at its finest. The whole world will have high quality health care and we will be free of debt. Think of the surpluses we can generate if the world adopts cap and trade! Who needs capitalism? The world will love us. And your modest author will humbly accept the Nobel Peace Prize.