Obama has long been AWOL in fight against gang violence and murder

With apologies to the President’s stenographers in the Democrat Media, let’s add some actual facts to President Barack Obama’s photo op today in Chicago, the murder capital of the world. With respect to the current debate over gang violence, guns and second amendment rights:

FACT: In 1998, then-State Senator Obama voted against making it a crime for convicts on probation knowingly to have contact with a street gang.

FACT: In 2001, Obama voted against making murder in support of gang activity eligible for the death penalty.

I’m guessing he won’t mention those votes to the family of Hadiya Pendleton.

FACT: In 2013, Obama is working to take guns away from law-abiding Americans. It advances his desire for the American people to be dependent on government. But it also makes us less safe.

Contrary to Democrat myth, violence in Chicago and elsewhere is pretty easily controlled:

* Put felons behind bars.
* Put violent felons behind bars for a long time.
* Give juries a death penalty option in murder cases.
* Appoint a 5th Justice to overturn the phony Constitutional right to life for 17 year-old gang killers invented by a 5-4 Supreme Court in 2005. (Roper v. Simmons, and yes, I dare you to read the facts of the murders in that case.)
* Support the second amendment rights of the law-abiding to protect themselves with firearms.
* Abolish all state laws that create a disgraceful “duty to retreat” from one’s own home when faced with violent intruders.
* Don’t ignore minor offenses, as today’s car thief is tomorrow’s violent felon.

It’s not rocket science, but these anti-crime policies work wherever they are tried.

Or, we could just try another Obama scheme, this one to use taxpayer funds to have a convicted rapist insulate your attic:

“Government could kick-start a transformation of circumstances for these men by working with private-sector contractors to hire and train ex-felons on projects that can benefit the community as a whole: insulating homes and offices to make them energy-efficient, perhaps . . . .”

–Obama, The Audacity of Hope (2006), p. 258.

A Solyndra for gang bangers!

By all means let’s shine attention on Chicago’s murder mayhem, and the Democrats who have allowed Chicago to be so unsafe, particularly for people of color. Let’s even talk about the posh private school Obama’s kids attended in Chicago BEFORE anyone had ever heard of him. Even when he was an obscure local politician, he was not crazy enough to send his kids to Chicago’s public schools!

But let’s not pretend Obama has ever worked to reduce gang violence. He has been AWOL on that battle.


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