Bloomberg Businessweek targets Mormons, Fracking, Income Inequality, Four Months Before Election

As Democrats hyperactively promote a Bloomberg Businessweek blog post today musing that massive stock losses in 2009 theoretically could have eliminated Mitt Romney’s 2009 tax liability, let’s take a closer look at what else this bastion of the Democrat Media Complex (DMC) is pushing. Just two days ago, it’s latest cover story hit newsstands nationwide: “INSIDE THE MORMON EMPIRE,” an “EXCLUSIVE” that shines light on the business holdings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons), which happens to be the religion of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. What a coincidence!

While we should applaud the Fourth Estate for investigating powerful institutions — I’m still hoping the DMC someday looks into Big Government, or the teachings of Rev. Wright’s church that President Obama attended for 20 years — the timing of this exposes what is really going on here.

This is a major corporation using its prominent magazine — 1 million weekly circulation, more than 4 million readers claimed worldwide — to try to harm Mitt Romney and protect Barack Obama. Its goal is not to harm the church — though many liberals are openly prejudiced against Mormons. (See them spout bigotry on Twitter and Facebook.) Its goal is to re-elect Obama, with the LDS Church merely collateral damage.

Still, it’s pretty outrageous. The cover art mocks one of the most sacred events in Mormon theology. Inside the magazine, the article is introduced with a full, two-page spread of golden hands clasped in prayer with hundred-dollar bills between the hands. The headline, a disrespectful play on the Church’s name, is: “Latter-day Lucre: How the Mormon Church Makes Its Billions.” (Don’t hold your breath for a similar take-down of radical Islam from the courageous editorial crew at Bloomberg Businessweek.) The offensive inside illustration is credited to a graphic arts firm called, somewhat fittingly for these Leftists, “Labour,” whose past work includes cover art for a 2008 pro-Obama song by Mobius Band and an “art” piece mocking Michelangelo’s Pieta, with the Virgin Mary holding a giant sub sandwich instead of deceased Jesus after the Crucifixion.

Yes, Bloomberg Businessweek outsources it art (though the work stays in Manhattan), and given the timing and tenor of this cover story, you would be forgiven for concluding that they outsource article selection, timing and research to the Obama campaign. Then again, perhaps they planned to run this back when Mormon Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) became Majority Leader, and it just took years to find the right artwork.

But there are two other “Features” in this issue of Bloomberg Businessweek. A second is about Groupon. No politics there (just a lot of shareholders who bought into Groupon’s hope and change now deep under water). The third Feature? Here’s the sub-headline:

Over the last 20 years, Colorado’s North Fork Valley has emerged as a model for the New West: Artisanal farms, sustainable wineries, backcountry sports. Then fracking came to town.

Evil fracking is destroying a swing state’s sustainable wineries! It reads like The Onion, but they are dead serious. There is an election to win for Obama; it’s no time for subtlety.

Just a week earlier, BB had a six-page feature on, you guessed it: income inequality. Citing the usual Democrat suspects — an economist who works for the Obama Administration, a sociology professor, Pew studies — the article managed to detail the life and times of living on the margins in Bridgeport, Connecticut, without ever noting that unions, environmentalists, and decades of Democrats who have controlled the city and the state have destroyed Bridgeport. One of the sympathetic women profiled had moved from New York to Bridgeport looking for a better life. She should have moved to Texas. But Bloomberg Businessweek would never tell you that.

We can complain, we can laugh, we can continue to dissect the willful bias of the Democrat Media Complex. But until we consistently choose to take our eyeballs — and thus revenues — elsewhere, we’ll keep propping up these adjuncts of the Democratic Party.


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