Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney supporters should address a few key issues

I am undecided so far this presidential cycle (other than pledging to work hard and vote for the GOP nominee against Barack Obama). Ronald Reagan is not running, and I am to the Right of all the major candidates. So I have left the primary battle to others and will decide for myself by April 3, the date of the Maryland primary.

But as I watch this crazy political year unfold, I am struck by some unanswered questions that supporters of Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have not adequately addressed. (I am focusing on the two frontrunners here.)

Mitt Romney

My unanswered concerns about Mitt Romney are these:

1- Romney has grown more conservative over the last 20 years. Is this political expedience or has he just grown smarter about the world? Romney supporters like Ann Coulter might say this does not matter, since the likelihood of him switching back again is remote – but I think it matters greatly in terms of selecting judges and the deals he will make with Senate Democrats (either because they are still the majority, or filibustering from the minority) on budget, entitlement and tax matters.

2- Related question: how can we be sure he will appoint conservative judges as good as Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts throughout the federal courts, and put his presidency on the line to appoint such judges to the Supreme Court? If one of the Court’s current liberals creates the next Court vacancy and there is a GOP president, the entire Democratic Establishment will take this nation to the brink to protect Roe v. Wade. Union strikes, OWS/Obamaville violence, all out smears from the Democrat MSM – it will get ugly, and the pressure to “compromise” intense. We’ll need a very strong president not to cave and select a Souter in the name of domestic tranquility.

3- How can we be sure he will fight to repeal Obamacare in its entirety, and why has he persisted in his defense of Romneycare? (Did he not read Game Change, which recounts in stunning detail how Hillary Clinton’s steadfast or stubborn refusal to recant her support for the Iraq War cost her the nomination and thus the presidency?) How will Romney contrast his continued support for Romneycare against the unpopular and unconstitutional Obamacare, one of Obama’s biggest vulnerabilities?

4- After all these years running and all the money he and his allies have spent on his behalf, why can’t he seal the deal with GOP voters? What if he just does not “wear well” over time? What if he can’t energize independents this fall the way he has failed to captivate the GOP this primary season?

Newt Gingrich</strong