Good Riddance to Bad Congressman Eric Massa!

Eric Massa is a deviate scumbag and above all, a bad congressman. This creep ran two extremely negative campaigns against a tainted moderate named Randy Kuhl. Massa was aided greatly by Moron Dot Org and Act Blue money for both runs. Eric Massa, a former Navy commander with no real ties to New York’s Southern-Tier moved to Corning with intention of running for Congress. Massa was one of the few former military vets that were recruited by the far-left activists to run against the Iraq War. He lost by 6,000 votes in 2006 and spent the next 2 years attacking and smearing Kuhl. In 2008, Massa won by less than 2 points. Massa’s two campaigns were devoid of substance and just attack ads after ad funded by George Soros. I am thrilled to see Massa leaving after two years. Massa spent more time running for congress than actually spent in congress. This guy was dirt-bag that screwed over the good people of the Southern-Tier from day one.

Massa was aided by high turnout in the liberal leaning Rochester suburbs. John McCain won this district by a few points and it is pretty solid Republican territory. This one is absolutely safe in the Republican column tonight. The road to a Republican House got a little easier. Eric Massa is hated in Monroe County which would have been a terrible sign for his re-election. He was going to lose even before this scandal. Mike Arcuri and Bill Owens are now the most vulnerable incumbents in the New York delegation. I expect Owens to lose if the GOP and Conservatives are united behind Doug Hoffman and Mike Arcuri is feeling the heat and I am sure Hanna is leading him in the polls. Arcuri’s Utica-based district is moderate leaning and Mike Arcuri’s record is far too liberal for the district. I see those three New York house seats in Republican hands after the 2010 election guaranteed. But, back to Eric Massa.

I really hate Eric Massa almost as much as I hate Alan Grayson. See Massa’s behavior at the nutroots convention and his town halls for reference. I guarantee you will hate this progressive stooge too. I do not believe it was the recurrence of Hodgkin’s that retired Eric Massa. The guy spent 3 years attacking Kuhl and running for congress, he would never walk away unless this sexual harassment of a male staffer was more than the “salty language”. Massa’s sexual harassment is likely worse than Mark Foley and is probably very embarrassing. My gut tells me that Massa will walk the plank for Obamacare and is definitely now a yes vote. He voted against it the first-time. The Democrats have dirt on him for sure. I hope Massa’s gay predator style sexual harassmentcomes to light after seeing what they did Larry Craig and Mark Foley. Furthermore, Eric Massa paid himself and his wife $33000 in salary out of campaign funds during his 2008 race.

I hope Eric Massa beats Hodgkin’s again. Get well, Eric Massa be thankful you don’t have Obamacare yet. I am sure Obama will take care of you. Enjoy your next career as a defense industry lobbyist or appointment in the Obama administration. Judging by the nature of the scandal, I bet on the lobbyist future.