Mitt Romney is a unacceptable and will lead to a third party candidate!

I hate Mitt Romney and will leave the Republican party if he is the nominee. I can’t understand why any Conservative would push him for the Republican Nomination. He is terrible and will lose by 10 points atleast. I guarantee that if Mitt Romney is the nominee, there will be a strong third party conservative candidate, which I would vote for. Mitt Romney excites no one except the print media RINOs and big business liberals. Mitt has been tepid in his attacks on Obama and is a pathetic choice for conservatives. We need to push this entitled RINO out the door. Sarah Palin, Mitch Daniels, Jim DeMint, Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Rob Portman, and Mike Pence are all better choices. They are conservatives! Conservatives! Mitt Romney will say anything to get the nomination. Romney is worse than Charlie Crist. Only Ron Paul would be as bad Romney. Romney is a progressive fraud. The moderate RINOs are not going to make be hold my nose again with a Liberal-Republican. At least McCain had a Pro-Life Record and was against Socialized Medicine! Wake up Conservatives! Wake up Republicans! Stop Romney and the moronic establishment from running the Republicans off the cliff.