Don't Settle for Mitt Romney!

Mitt Romney is a guaranteed loser and is not savvy. Romney does not energize and is obviously not a real conservative. We can do better. Erick Erickson likes Mitch Daniels and I believe Daniels is good and is definitely more conservative than Romney and Pawlenty. I would absolutely vote for Daniels over Obama.  As a conservative I would love to see a real conservative like Sarah Palin or Jim DeMint elected president! I personally believe if Kasich wins the Ohio Governors race he should be the nominee. Kasich would be the Right Candidate to run against Obama. Mike Pence used to be a favorite of mine, but he has blown it. Pence should have run for the Senate, especially after Bayh retired. Mike Pence is part of the Republican leadership that is going to play stupid no win games with Obama. I would offer this word of advice for Pence and the Republican leadership, Obama is drowning, don’t help him because he might pull you under.

Romney is bland and not conservative, much like Bob Dole 1996 and John McCain in 2008. It is time for a real conservative in 2012! Two RINOs in a row is not acceptable. I can’t bring myself to vote Romney!