Could Crist Change Parties and the Dems Push Out Kendrick Meek?

With Marco Rubio expanding his lead in the polls and Charlie Crist’s hopes for the Republican nomination in serious doubt, I wonder if Charlie Crist switches parties and the Democrats dump the hugely unelectable and thoroughly unimpressive ultra-liberal moron Kendrick Meek and give Crist the Democrat nomination. I know this is probably a longshot, but stranger things have happened in Politics and the Obama White House would probably love to make this happen. Kendrick Meek is going to lose in a huge Hugh Rodham style landslide. Hugh Rodham only got 30 percent and I doubt Meek would break 40%. Charlie Crist hugged Obama, why wouldn’t he cosumate the relationship by joining Obama and the Democrats in a attempt to save his career. This is probably paranoia on my part, but Liberal-Republicans have a history of being spiteful Arlen Specter, Wayne Gilchrest, and Joe Schwartz come to mind.