Ron Paul supporters make a joke of the straw poll!

The straw poll is a joke and the Ron Paul supporters are a joke. I question how libtards came along to undermine the straw poll. Ron Paul rarely got double digit support and is a joke. He was a horrible debater and the “so called” support he has is b.s. Far-left crazies that pay nothing to vote in straw polls and try undermine the Real Conservatives. The left loves undermining and political sabatoge and that is why they support a 74 year old flake with an effeminite voice. Ron Paul is a mixed bag of ideas. I liked “End the Fed” and agree with him on fiscal matters. I admire Friedrich von Hayek much like Ron Paul, but on foreign policy Ron Paul is worse than Obama. Paul is worse than Obama!

Paul is only there to undermine conservative foreign policy. Liberal college students pretend to support Paul and than switch to Obama! The far-left wants Ron Paul is there just to undermine conservatives. Paul is a favorite of the Alex Jones/ Debra Medina crowd, which is Paul’s only real supporters! Paul’s fake supporters are Liberal Students and definitely not conservative or even true libertarians, they are the stupid authoritarian statists that engage in undermining conservatism. Paul’s supporters run up text voting polls on Fox News and then on election day are virtually non-existent!