A Fabulous Idea for the Republicans if they get the House!

I have a fabulous idea and hope the Republicans implement it when they get the House or Senate. Cutoff and cancel all of General Electric’s contracts! General Electric is no friend to America and is perhaps the most expensive prostitute in all of Washington. General Electric has turned its entire News and Entertainment divisions into a propaganda machine for Obama and the Democrats. If the Republicans win congress they should cancel every defense contract, every green-energy deal, every healthcare deal, and probe the crap out of Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric, and the Obama White House. General Electric should receive  not one penny from the government and in fact should pay restitution for the damages it caused. Republicans should go after General Electric like Obama’s White House is going after Toyota. General Electric’s relationship with the Obama administration is the ultimate quid pro quo and needs to be derailed for the good of America. GE is an enemy to America and is blurring the lines between government and media.

This unholy alliance with Obama administration should not go unpunished. Jeffrey Immelt belongs in prison and the Obama’s administration actions should be investigated thoroughly. The United States Government should cease doing business with such a corrupt Corporation as General Electric and I hope the Republicans on the defense appropriations committee cannot be bought off and have a very safe district. I hope that General Electric’s Chickens have come home to roost. GE Capital received a $139 billion government loan guarantee and that should be probed the Republican congress. General Electric should be forced to clean the up Hudson River and Syracuse, NY which they heavily polluted before they get one penny for Green projects.