Defeating Feingold in 2010, Should be a priority! We need Tommy Thompson!

Republicans should do everything in their power to get Tommy Thompson to run against Russ Feingold! Feingold would surely lose against Tommy Thompson in 2010 and it should be a priority for conservatives to defeat Russ Feingold! Feingold is absolutely awful and a disgrace to America. Feingold’spolitical views belong in the former Soviet Union and not in the U.S. Senate. It is now or never, to defeat one of three worst Senators in Washington and the worst beatable senator. Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer are just as bad. 

There is no question that 2010 is going to be a monster year for conservatives and would be a great year for Conservatives and Republicans in the Badger State if thr Republicans can get Tommy Thompson to run against Feingold. David Obey would stand a solid chance of losing to Sean Duffy as well and Steve Kagen would certainly lose as well. Russ Feingold is left of a Lenin and an automatic vote for the Obama agenda.  I know my dream of Chuck Schumer being defeated is unlikely, but defeating Feingold is a real possibility in 2010 and should be a priority if Republicans want to control the Senate. George W. Bush only lost Wisconsin  by 12,000 votes (0.4%) in 2004. Tommy Thompson won 4 Terms as Governor and leads Feingold in Rasmussen polls. Tommy Thompson and Paul Ryan are the only two people that can beat Feingold and Ryan is far too valuable in the House. Senator Cornyn needs to do everything he can to get Tommy Thompson or even a  Top-Tier candidate to run against Feingold, who has never won more than 55% of the vote. Tommy Thompson your country needs you!