CPAC: Home of the White RINOS!

I only saw a little bit of CPAC and was not impressed by the White RINOS like George Will and Mitt Romney. I have always hated most print media conservatives, except for Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol. George Will has always struck me as a RINO and an elitist snob that hates religious and social conservatives. The RINO fraud George Will, who hates two-thirds of all conservatives. Will and his toupee hate religious conservatives and have pushed progressivism on the Republican party. Will is absolutely a progressive republican that has a history of being anti-religion and anti-religious conservative.

CPAC’s poster boy is the reformed white RINO, Mitt Romney. I would not vote for Romney even in the General Election and think Romney would be another unsatisfying, uninspired RINO like Bob Dole, Gerald Ford, and John McCain. Romney is actually a more uninspired choice than McCain. CPAC also featured the newest White RINO, Scott Brown. Romney is weak and a poor defender of conservatism. That has been virtually silent for the last year and has been punch-less in attacking Obama and the Democrats. It is safe to come out Mitt. Mitt is no Jim DeMint. Romney is to the left of Charlie Crist and Kay Bailey Hutchison. Romney and Will should go have a RINO convention in Maine with Olympia Snowe, and save CPAC for real conservatives like DeMint, Rubio, Breitbart, and Cheney.