Take the Republican party away from Progressives like George Will and David Brooks!

The Republican party is poised for a Great 2010 and has a real future if they reform Washington and make the hard choices to save America, but they have no future as a progressive-conservative party, which is something along the lines of George Will, David Brooks, and the wealthy RINOS’s vision for the Republican party. George Will, David Brooks, and the rest of the wealthy RINOS look down on two-thirds of Conservatives. There is nothing religious or principled about Will and Brooks that is why they loathe Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Talk Radio, and anyone that lives outside of New York, Washington, Chicago, and L.A. Those RINOs have too much control over the Republican party and Conservatism in America and we must beat their candidates at every chance we get. George Will is no great conservative and suffers from Palin Derangement Syndrome. I never like or trusted people like George Will and David Brooks, because deep-down they hate ordinary Americans and want to be popular among the secular progressive beltway class. George Will is a progressive and David Brook is a progressive, that is why is they are accepted by the Washington Post and New York Times.

If Will and Brooks had their way the Republican party would lose religion and values. The Republican party would be the second progressive party in America and would definitely pave the way for a third party. Brooks and Will are both foolish men and were clearly suckered in by Obama. Both men are weak-minded progressives. David Brooks was never any kind of a conservative and George Will is a progressive RINO and a bit of an elitist flake. George Will’s lack of religion and disdain for the core values social conservatives  makes me loathe him and any Republican that he pushes.

Finally, we conservatives must wrestle away control of the Republican party from the likes of Will and Brooks or the Republican party will die and America will sink deeper into Socialism. For the good of America and the Republican party kick George Will and David Brooks to curb. These tired old print media RINOs bring nothing to the table except big spending and secular progressivism. When America loses god the socialists win!