One-Term President!

Thanks to Dick Cheney for giving us the hope that Barrack Obama never could! I guarantee that Obama is a one-term president. He is incompetent and has no understanding of free-market economics and if you think the economy is bad now, just wait until the coming crash of 2011. Obama is incapable of being a centrist, because there are no black centrists in congress. Artur Davis and Harold Ford attempted moves to the center and alienated their liberal black bases in their upcoming runs. Obama cannot moderate without being called a “Sellout” by black America and the lunatic liberals. Charles Krauthammer said that the stars were aligned for Obama’s 2008 victory and I  totally agree. Lightning won’t strike twice in Washington and Obama will not have a 2 to 1 money edge and the economy will still be bad and unemploymentwill be high. In 2012 Obama will get an opponent that attacks him like Palin or Pawlenty. Only Mike Huckabee  would fight a punch-less fight like McCain and likely is not running for president. History is also against Obama, there has been only one-time in U.S. History that there has been 3 Two Full-Term presidents in a row and that was Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe.

Finally above all Obama is not a blank slate in any one’s eyes and his trillion dollar deficits, weakness, radicalism, and incompetence will doom in his 2012 run and fulfill Dick Cheney’s prediction.