The Sinking of Alex Sink and Why Sink is the Poster Child for Corrupt Dems!

Adelaide “Alex” Sink aka Mrs. Bill McBride, is a lousy and Corrupt Ultra-Liberal Democrat that is fully-owned by the banking industry and the trial lawyers. Alex Sink is nothing special as a candidate not particularly smart, charismatic and has been hugely incompetent, but Sink is able to bring in big money through her connections to the banking industry and McBride’s deep connections to the trial lawyers and his associations with the very powerful law firm Holland & Knight.

Sink’s opponent is Current Florida Attorney General and Former Congressman, Bill McCollum. McCollum is a steady and intelligent man,allthough not very charismatic, McCollum is highly competent and has been a great Attorney General for Florida. McCollum used to be my congressman when I lived in Florida and McCollum is a solid conservative. McCollum is popular in the pivotal swing area of Central Florida and the Orlando area. He used to hold the district now held by the Clown Prince of Darkness, Alan Grayson, until he ran unsuccessfully for the Senate against Bill Nelson in 2000. McCollum knows where every vote in the state is and leads Sink by double digits in some polls, but Sink has a big money advantage due to her connections and that will keep her in the game.

Alex Sink has deep connections to a criminal Ponzi schemer named Scott Rothstein. Alex Sink took thousands for her campaign and a $200,000 contribution for the Florida Democratic Party from Scott Rothstein in exchange for recommending his firm for millions in state work. Sink returned the Rothstein money only after Rothstein was indicted. Sink like many corrupt Dems can raise a lot of money by selling out Florida and America and then pretend to say  that they are on the side of the little guy, which in Sink’s case is outrageous. There may be no Democrat running in 2010 that is more owned by the special interests than Alex Sink. Sink has been a rotten Chief Financial Officer of Florida and was asleep at the wheel with the SBA during 2008. Under Sink’s watch there has been terrible financial mismanagement of funds, questionable and ineffective audits. Alex Sink also big-time support from the awful and immoral Emily’s List. The only thing Sink really does well is take money from the people that are harming Florida. Alex Sink is not fit to govern the Sunshine State and if Floridians elect her they will pay big-time for the mistake. The Tea Party and Conservative movements are made for Running Against Corrupt Liberals like Alex Sink.