The Media can't save Obama, so they will take their frustrations out on Sarah Palin and The Tea Party Movement.

The tired, hateful, bitter, angry, hostile, deceitful, dishonest, disgraceful,disgusting, psychotic, moronic, repetitive,frustrated, and lame dinosaur media can’t save Barrack Obama and the Democrats, so they will take out their frustrations on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement. Barrack Obama has been losing the support of the American people ever since July 22, 2009 when he commented on the Gates arrest and said “the Cambridge Police acted stupidly”. Obama and his presidency has not been on firm footing since those comments. It has been Obama’s “Macaca Moment” and the day his presidency began to die and along with the media’s illusion of Obama being post-racial. 

 The media has fought harder everyday since defending Obama like a offensive linemen protecting his quarterback. The media has not been particularly successful at this, as witnessed by the victories of Scott Brown, Chris Christie, Bob McDonnell, and Obama’s HISTORIC slide in the polls. The media obviously frustrated with America openly rejecting Obama’s socialist agenda has lashed out strongly against Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement, which is comprised of the ordinary Americans that they despise.

The attacks against Sarah Palin and the tea party movement have been psychotic, disgusting, and seemingly endless and reflect the media’s overwhelming contempt for ordinary Americans. They grasp at straws, invent stories, and spout vicious hate and endless lies about Sarah Palin. At Least 40% of the country still loves Sarah Palin after a year and a half assault from the corrupt media. Palin is only getting stronger from their attacks on her. The Tea Party movement has been belittled and mocked by practically everyone in the media. The tea party movement has been ignored by many and called every name in the book, including “Teabaggers” by Anderson Cooper. This disgusting term has been repeated ad nauseam by these frustrated micro-cephalicsin the media who can’t help themselves because they are mentally deranged shills for a Marxist agenda. These ordinary real Americans that are exercising their constitutional rights have been ridiculed to no end by the Saul Alinsky media that no longer has the power and the credibility to save Obama and the Democrats.