Chuck DeVore is California's Best Hope! Carly Fiorina is also ok!

Chuck DeVore is ready to fight Barbara Boxer and is not a proven loser like Tom Campbell and not weakened by cancer like Carly Fiorina. Fiorina is a compelling candidate and I like her, but I have concerns that she is not up to a slug-fest with Barbara Boxer. Boxer is one of the worst Senators and an outright Communist that will play dirty and pander to the lowest levels to win a election. Tom Campbell got just 36.6% and lost by 19 points to Dianne Feinstein. Carly Fiorina will have the money to wage a solid battle against Boxer and I believe she will get within the mid single digits, but Fiorina is typical of the Republican that they run statewide in California. Chuck DeVore is definitely something different for California. DeVore is a true Conservative and the real antidote to Barbara Boxer. DeVore will press Boxer like Harry Alford did.  

Barbara Boxer has deep ties to the despicable convicted child pornographer and former far-left radio host Bernie Ward. The masters of voter fraud will work hard to help Boxer out in the toughest race of her career.  Voters are tired of Barbara Boxer in California and moderates like Matt Fong, who ran a weaker than expected race against Boxer. Bruce Herschensohn, Boxer’s first and so far only true conservative opponent as a senator lost by less than 4 points, while RINO Matt Fong lost by 10 points in 1998 and underfunded moderate Bill Jones lost by 20 points in 2004.  Chuck DeVore will run the kind of race that needs to be run against Barbara Boxer and has fought the good fight on the state level and his reformer message will contrast big government extremist progressive lunatic Barbara Boxer. DeVore needs about twenty to twenty-five million dollars to wage this battle at a minimum. I have doubts that Chuck and the grassroots can raise that kind of money. Fiorina will need to raise forty to fifty million dollars to win and if she and the Republicans can come up with the fifty million the impending Republican tide will sweep her in. The Republican establishment is especially pulling for Fiorina and Tom Campbell to a lesser extent, they will split the vote and Chuck DeVore wins the primary. Tom Campbell is way too liberal and a guaranteed win for Boxer. If California Republicans nominate Campbell they have learned and gained nothing from their years of Arnold Schwarzenegger.