Politico is Left Wing and Not Down the Middle!

I visit Politico on almost a daily basis and there is no doubt that Politico is a left-wing website. After seeing Jim VandeHei trying to defend the mainstream media for their coverage of the tea parties and their  hatred of Sarah Palin, it really proves how left-wing Politico really is. Politico has a guy named Ben Smith, whose only job it seems is to post hateful and negative stories on Sarah Palin on a daily basis. Smith also post Anti-Republican and Anti-conservatives stories accompanied with hateful comments to the hateful links. It is rare that Ben Smith goes a day without posting something hateful toward Palin on Politico. Some of the morons that post comments are far worse than anything you will see at RedState. Palin Derangement Syndrome is on full display at Politico almost to the level of Huffington Post and MSNBC.

Politico’s media critic Michael Calderone takes so many shots at Fox News and Glenn Beck that you wonder if he works for Media Matters. Calderone usually ignores the outrageous and hateful commentators on MSNBC and its around the clock hate-fest, but is instead obsessed with Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity. They rarely mentions the embarrassing CNN and the stupid comments of Jack Cafferty and the ridiculous Rick Sanchez, who is the joke of CNN. Politico’s reporting is biased in a way similar to the Associated Press. Both focus on negative aspects for conservatives and ignore negative aspects when writing about liberals, such as over and underestimating protesters depending on which side the protesters are on and citing information not particulary relevant to the article or event.

Another common occurrence at Politico seems to be promoting the message of the Republicans and Conservatives in disarray and not unified. There is always a couple of stories that promote this message on a daily basis. Steve Doocy was right in calling Politico left-wing and Jim VandeHei really should take a look at the content of Politico, which is obviously left-wing before he attacks Bill Sammon and Fox News.

Also Politico seems to want to choose Mike Huckabee as our candidate in 2012.