Mitt Romney Must Play in the South or he is not legitimate contender or let alone the front-runner!

Mitt Romney will never be the Republican nominee and right now I think there is a much better chance of Sarah Palin being the nominee than Romney. Romney has avoided the South like the plague and has done very little to make an attempt to win over the South. Mitt Romney is unelectable in the South and his mormon faith and his questionable moves on abortion have hurt him. Romney could not win states like Georgia and Mississippi and South Carolina if he is up against Obama. These states went big for McCain, but the margin could be narrow if White Evangelical Christians are unwilling to support him. Romney did poorly in the South in 2008 and did not win any Southern primaries. Bob McDonnell and Sarah Palin are guarantees of Republicans winning every SouthernState. Palin would definitely win Florida over Obama today and the same is true for McDonnell.  I think Mike Pence would also play well in the South. Mike Huckabee is done and Republicans will attack him with his Maurice Clemmons, the cop killer. If Romney won’t play or try to play in the South then is he not a legitimate contender let alone the front-runner.