Here Comes Hillary- Bye Bye Biden

I’ve been wondering how they were going to kiss Joe goodbye. Rudy’s prophetic convention salvo in dealing with Obama’s flip flops “I’d get that vice president thing in writing Joe,” will prove to be good advice.

Today in New Hampshire JB said that Hillary would have made a good Vice President, a qualified President, and then said she may even be a beter vp pick than …me..He has been persuaded by the desperate handlers to exit .

At first I thought it was just Joe being Joe, but in retrospect it is the harbinger of Hillary’s ascension to the ticket…Joe set the stage..Now Barack can feign anger and pull him off the ticket..or let the MSM take up the mantra for Hill and make it appear a draft, that Barry, a man of the people can not ignore….

By Biden putting it out there…Hillary can move forward without appearing to be getting the vp nod by default as it would have seemed had Biden feigned illness or “personal reasons.”

I am really hoping my Redstate brothers and sisters can point out a flaw in my hypothesis.