Allow Me to Explain How Patrick Kennedy Will Lose in Rhode Island Next Fall

The law professor, William Jacobson, who blogs at Legal Insurrection has set his sights on unseating Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D) of Rhode Island in the 2010 midterms. Patrick Kennedy is the son of the late US Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts. Professor Jacobson, who hails from Rhode Island, is a big Scott Brown supporter. As a fellow New Englander, I’d like to offer my own explanation of how Patrick Kennedy is going to lose his seat in Rhode Island this fall.

Our President and his friends on the left will be glad to know that I’ve boiled my theory down to five simple points which can hopefully be understood by every knuckle dragging troglodyte conservative in all the bitter, gun-clinging, bible clutching, flyover red states like… Massachusetts.

Here goes…

1. Scott Brown won every Massachusetts town on the Rhode Island border except one.

2. Scott Brown won more than 50% of the Massachusetts towns that border Connecticut.

3. On February 4th, less than three weeks after Scott Brown’s stunning Massachusetts victory, Patrick Kennedy referred to Brown’s win as “a joke.”

4. Rhode Island news outlets are already reporting on Patrick Kennedy’s vulnerability.

5. Rumor has it that a well known politician is planning to run against Patrick Kennedy and he’s very popular with the people of Rhode Island. Perhaps you’ve heard of him.

Buddy Cianci has had his share of troubles as a politician but a majority of citizens in the Ocean State absolutely love him. As the Mayor of Rhode Island’s capital city of Providence for over 21 years, Cianci was incredibly effective. He has the trust of Rhode Island voters and tremendous name recognition.

If Cianci chooses not to run, the anti-incumbency wave that recently helped carry Scott Brown to victory will most likely defeat Kennedy anyway. When I recently covered a “campaign school” in the Boston suburb of Braintree, I met more than one attendee from Rhode Island.

If the rumor is true and Cianci decides to run, I suspect most Rhode Island voters will be asking themselves only one question this November.

Patrick who?

Cross posted at Mike LaChance.