Open Letter to President Barack Obama

October 23, 2009,


An Open Letter to President Obama,


My name is Michael R. Konkel.  I am a 62 year old semi-retired American citizen.  Previously, I have served 9 active duty years in the U.S. Marine Corps including two tours in Vietnam.


I re-enlisted in 1967 for six more years so that the Marine Corps would send me to an extensive Vietnamese language school.  I went, did well, finally got back to Vietnam for my second tour and got to know a few South Vietnamese soldiers and civilians.


When America quit and reneged on her promises and subsequently pulled out of Vietnam, do you know that another nearly 2.5 million South Vietnamese civilians died?  Some died as boat people, some at the hands of the NVA and still others at the hands of the Khmer Rouge as they fled to neighboring countries like Cambodia and Laos.  Weren’t we proud of ourselves back then?


I dwelled in a heightened state of apathy from then until Swartzkopf fought a war like generals know how to do.  Hell, after that I even joined the American Legion. General McChrystal could probably do better if you would honor his request for troops, less lawyers, and allow the soldiers and Marines to receive close air  and artillery support wherever their attackers are located.  Collateral damage cannot always be avoided and if it would save American lives, should be of secondary concern.


I still stayed fairly apathetic about politics, that is until about September 5th of this year when I set aside two golden calves that simply occupied too much of my time.  Golf, which I love dearly and Friday night out with the crowd.


Mr. President, I have you to thank for waking me up.  That next weekend I drove myself to Washington DC after deciding at 4 PM on Friday afternoon that I wanted to find out if the rest of the country was as much in the dark as Fort Wayne, Indiana.  They are not.  There was damn near a million people there but I was the one who flipped off, using both hands, the two Marine One helicopters (one being a decoy), when you took off for your trip to talk to those 1,400 people in Minneapolis.


As an American patriotic, and having served my country for nine years, I feel I have the right to disagree with you, your czar-dom, and your Agenda (21) .  I see your actions as busting the American industrial infrastructure, to essentially turn us into a third world nation dependent on the largesse of a world governing body with rules such as Habitat Agenda.  I see your health bill as ruining insurance, medical device manufacturers and even more small businesses with onerous taxes while you scheme to lower population levels.  Your cap and tax bill will destroy the fossil fuel industry, what is not already regulated away, and as you said “electric bills will necessarily skyrocket.”


We know that the health bill, illegal amnesty, card check, cap and trade are all cornerstones of the ‘dreams of your father’, but we really do not wish to follow you down the road to socialism.  We do not wish to pay for the underachievers around the world, nor for that matter in this country. 


Mr. Obama, I respectfully request that you stay out of Copenhagen in December and that you do not presume to speak for the American people who increasingly are not so much enamored with you.  Also, Mr. Obama, could you please expedite my $250. so that I can come and spend some time in DC again November 9th – 11th?  Appreciate it!  If about 2 million of us drop in, will you stay and visit this time?


By the way, lay off of our freedom of speech, reign in Mark Lloyd and the rest of your creepy czars, particularly that School Safety Czar Kevin Jennings as I do not believe that fans of man-boy love relationships should even be considered for such a position.


Mr. Obama, you can find my opinions, almost daily, at http://www.fortwaynevoiceoftruth.blogspot.com


Mr. Obama, please do not think this is a republican attack.  I intend to see that Richard Lugar loses his seat when he is up for reelection too.  Along with Bayh of course.


Semper Fi