What Can We Expect

This has been an historic election.  The fact that a slim majority of the American people saw fit to elect Barak Obama President.

The mainstream media calls the man a pragmatist. According to the Webster’s 1828 dictionary the definitions of pragmatist is (noun) one who is impertinently busy or meddling.  Rush Limbaugh defines it as agreeing, all of the time, with the democrats.

They want us to agree with all of this mans policies.  I just can’t do that.

Policy one: High taxes.

They want to redistribute the wealth that the singular American people have earned.  This money will go to growing the government and be funneled to liberal activist groups.

What is the American dream?

It seems to me that the American dream is to come here and to try to make a better life for you and your family.

Policy Number two: Close Gitmo.

The liberals believe that it unfair that the prisoners in Guantanamo  Bay should be afforded the same rights as common criminals.  These people, in a lot of peoples minds, are enemy combatants and do not deserve to have those freedoms.

The problem is that this will shut down our court system and crime will go up.  The other thing is that current criminals will be able to clain that they are not getting a fair and speedy trial.

Sure, elections matter and we deserve what we get. That is what I fear.

There have been polls that have stated that a majority of the people who voted for Obama did not know what he stood for, the voted for him because it made them feel good. That is not supposed to be how one makes his or her decision of whom will will get your vote for POTUS.