Freedom Of Speech Will Die

We all need to be very afraid.  The reason is that the adminstration, the congress, and the wack-o’s on the far lvet want to shut up the new Media.

This does not just include Rush, Sean, and Glenn but it also includes the conservative bloggers on the internet as well.

They want their buddies in the Mainstream media to have their monopoly again.  The liberals want it so that if they do anything wtong that there will be no one to call them on it.  That is the way it was before Rush Limbaugh.  The media could report a story they way that they wanted to and give only one side of the story.  A good example is global warming/climate change.  If not for the new media, we would not have heard of any scientists that are discenting voices.

i love doing what i do.  I have several blogs that I write and if some of these liberal politicans have their way, they they will come after me and people like me as well.

They will be willing to sacrifice the liberal bloggers and the liberal talk shows to get reid of the new media.  This means that the Huggington Post and Allan Colmes will be gone as well as Rush, Sean and the Heratage Foundation.

Be afraid, be very afraid.