Love For Jindal

I understand that there is, in the national republican party, a genuine feel that Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.

What the wizards of smart , pundits, and commentators do not understand is that he is currently not acting like the conservative that he clams he is.

Take ro instance this thing calle the Stelly Tax.  As evidenced by by Chad Rogers  in his ‘Rogers Rant’:

indal Must Act on Stelly Tax Bill A bit of unpleasant news via the AP:

The Senate’s tax committee on Monday approved a big income-tax break, despite objections from Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration that the state can’t afford the $302 million loss of revenue.

The bill by Sen. Buddy Shaw would restore tax brackets that were changed as part of the so-called “Stelly plan” approved by voters in 2002. Under the bill, people who make between $12,500 and $50,000 would move from the 6 percent tax bracket down to the 4 percent bracket.

Jindal has often been criticized for his approach to ethics: he says one thing, and does another. I’ve never been one to criticize on such a basis.

Being inconsistent is one thing.

But acting in ways that clearly and  unambiguously parrot BOTH former governors Kathleen Blanco and Mike Foster are a problem for this writer.

Former Governor Mike Foster is responsible for the onerous Stelly tax plan.  As the above article suggests, it raised income taxes on the middle class. Former Governor Kathleen Blanco had opportunities to roll it back, but didn’t in any meaningful way.

The problem with the tax has been repeatedly pointed out by CONSERVATIVES.  Many folks voted for Governor Jindal operating under the assumption that he was, in fact, conservative.

In fact it was a conservative group called the Louisiana Family Forum that did a study on the Stelly Tax Plan, in which they pointed out the host of problems the plan did for working families (see it here).

We’ve been listening to Rush Limbaugh tell us who live down here that Jindal is the next Ronald Reagan.

DUMB QUESTION: What is exactly is Reaganesque about not cutting taxes aimed at the middle class?   What’s Reaganesque about objecting to tax cuts because “the state” can’t afford it? Such an attitude could  be perceived as “statist,” which again, doesn’t fit my idea of  what they call “Reagan conservatism.”

The good news  is that Mr. Jindal has chance to make things right.

But if he fails to act, it will not be forgotten and he will not likely be able to live it down.

–Chad E. Rogers

The problem that the politicians have made it incredibly tough to get the so-called tax cut.  All that needed to be done was that have the tax tables changed.  The rub is that state Senator Jim ‘Big Government’ Tucker put an amendment onto the bill so that the tables could not until July first of this year if it happens  at all.  I say this because they could make the decision could be made to forestall the cut “because of the economy.”

Don’t even start me on the so-called ethics reform.  These reforms have no teeth to them.

He is actually becoming the Republican answer to President Obama.

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