It is a sad day. And it isn’t sad just because an election was lost. The election was just an indicator of much bigger problems. The great country in which I grew up and loved no longer exists. Before the election I wrongly believed that there was still time to salvage our once great nation but alas it’s already too late. We have passed the point of no return.

   We now live in a country where there are more people with their hands out than there are people working to provide those handouts. The receivers will never vote to cut off their gravy train, and the producers will eventually quit out of despair. The system is bound for failure but there is not enough people who seem to care. Our country is headed down the path that all socialist countries tread. It’s happening right before our eyes in Europe but the majority of people must have their heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich.

   Whether we want to admit it or not, a lot of it is our own fault. When I say “we”, I mean us Baby Boomers. We stood by and let a small minority take God completely out of the public square. Like wallflowers we watched as academia was taken over by far left extremists. We gave our spoiled children everything, and we didn’t require them to do one thing to earn any of it. This gave them a built-in sense of entitlement. They now believe that the world (meaning the government) owes them everything. To them work and achievement are nasty words. The derelicts, the degenerates, the perverted, the slackers and the addicted are celebrated as societies heroes.

   We now have and will forever be a nation where thousands of babies are murdered yearly all in the name of choice. Our society allows a man who lives as a woman to expose himself to young girls in a dressing room all in the name of political correctness. Common sense no longer exists. Homosexuals are now allowed to marry in selected states, and it’s coming to a state near you soon if it hasn’t already. The traditional family is quickly becoming extinct. I predict that the rights of pedophiles will be one of the next big social movements. The misfits are being labeled as the new normal, and the normal people are labeled as homophobes, bigots and close-minded boobs. It’s sickening to watch.

   Dangerous narcotics will soon be legalized, and a whole new group of unemployable addicts will be joining the brigade with their hands out. The war on drugs is probably not winnable but we have been holding the line for a long time, and it was one of our last hopes for redemption in this country. When we completely give it up, it is just one more significant sign that all is lost.

   I am in the homestretch of my life, and I will be okay. My entire adult life has been spent in law enforcement. I have dedicated myself to protect my country and community and now,  I feel like it was mostly in vain. I have a pension, and I have planned for the future so my wife and I will have a decent life for the rest of our days. I will find an enclave to live where people still believe as I do, and I will do my best to ignore the cancers that are eating away at our republic. I will continue to worship the God who I believe has finally forsaken this once blessed nation. And He has a good reason for doing it.

   I am glad that I am not a young person. In some ways I feel sorry for them but I also know that they have voted for and have asked for this situation so whatever happens, they probably deserve. When things finally come crashing down as they will, the masses will learn the hard way that bad decisions have dire consequences. Hopefully, I will not be around to witness the final collapse.

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