A Solemn Plea to All Patriots

The primary/caucus process that we’re going through is extremely important. It allows us to nominate the Republican candidate from the ones who chose to run. It is perfectly okay and it’s expected that each of us throw our support behind our favorite candidate for whatever reasons we choose. If Mitt Romney is your guy, support him wholeheartedly. Rick Santorum may ring your bell. If he does, work hard to get him the nomination. Newt may be the one who does it for you. If he is, get completely behind him. Our daffy old “uncle” Ron Paul may best reflect your views. With that being the case, give him your undivided support. And may the best man be victorious.

With all that being written, it is vitally important that we keep in mind how important this coming November’s election truly is to the future of our nation and to the future of the world. The rest of the world is already sliding down some terrible slippery slopes, and unfortunately our current leader is following merrily along. Recently, there was an article published in the UK by two doctors at Oxford University. In it they not only defended abortion but they also argued that a parent should have the right to “dispose” of  a viable newborn baby. With the abortion issue being what it is in our nation today and with the forced contraception debate being all the rage, we can see where the liberals and secularists want to take us on this topic. And our President, who voted in the Illinois legislature to allow abortion surviving babies to be killed, will let it happen if it is left up to him.

There was another recent article out of the Netherlands about mobile euthanasia units being formed to assist in suicides where attending physicians refused to be of assistance. This is just another example of the diminished value of human life in our so-called modern civilized society. The Terri Schiavo case has already demonstrated what can happen in this country and with Obamacare’s “death panels” being formed, we know that it will only get worse.

In Europe, Greece is broke and Italy is on the brink. France and the UK are teetering with several other economies such as Ireland, Iceland and Hungary just to name a few are following suit. Our current president has accumulated more debt in his three plus years than did the previous 43 presidents combined. If he is not stopped, he will spend us into oblivion. We will end up just like Greece.

Gas prices are through the roof but our current administration still insists on giving money to bankrupt “green” energy companies. The president supposedly believes that algae is the viable alternative for the future. He initiated the building of unsellable electric cars, which have been discontinued at Government Motors. He stopped the building of the very important Keystone pipeline from Canada. If he has his way with energy policy in the future, we will all have to obtain second mortgages on our homes to fill our gas tanks.

It is important to support your candidate in this primary season but if your guy doesn’t win, get completely behind the one who does. Don’t ponder so much on who the Republican nominee is ; just remember who he isn’t, which is Barack Hussein Obama. This is the most important presidential election in our history, and our side cannot afford to lose. So don’t sit on your thumb over principal if your candidate is unsuccessful. We need the support of all patriots in order to save our republic. Thank you for your time.