A Few Things That Chap My A** (if anybody cares)

The first thing I wish to mention is how we’re told that we’re suppose to be tolerant of the great religion of Islam. The progressive mainstream media abhors all religions except Islam which is their darling. It’s ironic because the progressives are all for gay marriage but Islamic nations support the death penalty for homosexuality. Supposedly, the progressives are for women’s rights (liberal women only) but in Islamic societies women are less than second-class citizens and can be stoned/murdered at the whim of their husbands or fathers for any real or imagined act that supposedly brings dishonor on the family. Muslims routinely kill and terrorize believers of other faiths. Islam is the most intolerant religion in the world, and we’re suppose to walk on eggshells to be tolerant and nonoffensive to them. Yeah, right.

The next thing I wish to bring up is the race card. Without a doubt, racism exists in the world and always will from all ethnicities but great strides have been made in our country to improve race relations. Many still claim that the U.S. is a racist nation but let’s look at the facts. Who is the most beloved TV celebrity? By all accounts it’s Oprah Winfrey, a black lady. Who was the most popular sitcom actor of all time? Everything you read or hear indicates that it is Bill Cosby, a black man. Which two athletes make more endorsement money than all the rest combined? Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, both black men. And who is our president? Of course we all know that it’s Barack Obama, another black man. Those facts are pretty good for a racist country, wouldn’t you say? But these days you can’t oppose anyone from certain minorities on anything without being labled a racist. You can’t disagree with them on principle or criticize them with or without merit without being labeled a racist. I’m sick of it. At one time the goal was to have a colorblind society but that is the last thing the progressives want because they love having that race card to play.

Next on my agenda is political correctness. In our modern world many people walk around with their feelings on their sleeves just waiting for the smallest of things to be said or done so that they can claim to be offended. Give me a break. My advice to these people is get a life. Political correctness is so out of hand that it’s ridiculous. These days your not suppose to call a terrorist a terrorist. (See the Fort Hood shooting.) Political correctness is putting innocent lives in danger. When you go through airport security you see senior citizens with walkers and eight year olds getting stripped searched but recently a known terrorist who was on the cannot fly list with a one-way ticket was allowed to go straight to the airplane where he was finally apprehended just before takeoff. Political correctness has taken away one of the most useful security tools we have which is profiling. This cancer needs to be removed from our society before more innocent lives are lost unnecessarily. I have always been told that actions speak louder than words. With that being said, my advice is to observe how people live their lives and quit worrying so much about the words they use. They will demonstrate their true character or lack thereof.

The last thing I wish to mention in this posting (but it’s not the last thing that chaps my a**) is free speech. Progressives are all for free speech when it applies to bashing Christians or burning Old Glory or when some assinine idiot comes up with a blasphemous or pornographic “art” exhibit. But when someone has the audacity to disagree with them or to criticize one of their darlings or to expose them for the fraudulent fools they are, they’re not so much for free speech. They always try to shut that dissent down. I’m not for burning the Koran or any religious book for that matter but where would the outcry be if some nutjob was planning a burning of the Holy Bible. We all know that there wouldn’t be any in the mainstream press. That would be perfectly okay to them. Freedom of speech means freedom of speech. Many brave men and women have fought and many have died to protect that precious freedom. We must not let the progressives bastardize it to fit their warped agenda.