The Liberal Twilight Zone

   Imagine, if you will, you are a hardworking family man. Every scheduled day, you are on the job. You work very hard. When overtime is available, you take it every time. You do everything possible to give your family a good life. One day there is a knock at your door. You answer it. There is an unkempt, disheveled, seemingly healthy young man on your porch. He asks to talk ; You agree to listen. He explains that he doesn’t much care to work. He would much rather get high. And since he has an anemic work ethic, he has difficulty in keeping a job. Thus, he cannot provide for himself and his family. This also leaves him without health insurance. He goes on to tell you that he is seeking donations for him to use to purchase healthcare coverage. If you’re anything like me, you would put a boot up his ass and tell him to never bring his lazy carcass on your property again. But there are many of you who vote for politicians who do not even have the decency to ask for the donation. They just reach into your pocket and take it. And they expect you to grin and like it. This is part of the liberal twilight zone.

   Imagine, if you will, you are a hardworking wife and mother. You try hard to be fiscally responsible. You desperately want your household to live within its means. But you have an irresponsible husband. He spends money hand over fist. Finally, you get him to sit still and listen. Patiently, you explain that there is more money going out than is coming into the family budget. You point out that the family is quickly heading towards bankruptcy. He smiles and tells you that he understands. Then he states that he knows just what to do. You ask him to explain. He proceeds to tell you that he has decided to buy a new truck and a new boat. He adds that he might even purchase some new golf clubs. You’re tempted to brain him with a cast iron frying pan. But be reminded that many of you voted for a president (he didn’t get elected by just the 20% of professing liberals in our populace) and a congress that govern our nation just like this irresponsible husband. Welcome to the liberal twilight zone.

   Imagine, if you will, you are a passenger in a car. The driver is recklessly speeding down a winding country road. You are pleading with him to slow down and drive more safely. He ignores you and presses the pedal harder. Around a bend in the road stands a stranger on the shoulder. He is violently waving his arms. The driver skids the car to a stop. The stranger explains that there is a bridge out up ahead. He also relays that several vehicles have already driven off the cliff. You start to get out of the car but before you can make your exit, the insane driver stomps the accelerator, and the car speeds forward towards certain destruction and your demise. Frantically, you scream for the driver to stop the car but he continues to ignore you. This story is an apt analogy for what is happening in our country today. The European socialist states are in disarray. Several are on the brink of complete collapse. And yet our president is steadily ignoring the will of the people and is taking our nation down the pathway of destruction which Europe has already blazed and has also demonstrated the folly of it all. This, my friends, is the liberal twilight zone.

   America is by far the greatest nation that has ever been. It is the crown jewel of human and world history. But unfortunately, we have allowed it to be hijacked by socialists and communists who refer to themselves as progressives. If we do not take it back, it will be destroyed. The damage will soon be irreparable, and it will be worse than any horror story that I or even Rod Serling could write.