Who do we blame for this mess?

   Early in his administration, President Obama started our nation down the road which leads to America becoming a European-style socialist country. He started by having the government take over a significant portion of the banking industry. Then the government took over two-thirds of the American auto industry. Now he has the pedal fully to the metal with Obamacare. And make no mistake about it, Cap and Trade and amnesty for illegal aliens are soon to follow. I will now answer the question posed in my title. Obviously, President Obama, House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid are the major culprits in this debacle. But, how did they come into power?

   Recently, I wrote a post in which I declared that Reid and Pelosi are the poster couple for term limits. Two other writers on this site disagreed with me. Their position is that the semi-permanent political class in Washington is good, because these officials are scared to vote against the will of the American people for fear of being voted out of office. So much for that theory. One of the commenters even wrote that because of this voter fear, Cap and Trade and Obamacare would be dead on arrival when they reached Congress. Well, so much for that theory also. Congressional term limits are desperately needed. But I’m not writing today to rehash that topic.

   Again, I ask, how did President Obama end up in such a powerful position where he can do so much damage? And who is to blame?

   Well, let’s start our blame game on the left side of the political spectrum. Approximately, 20% of our nation’s citizens are self-identified liberals. In every election they most certainly are going to vote for the candidate with the (D) by their name. And they will steer more votes in the direction of that candidate, some may be legal but often many are not. They are well versed in stealing elections. This is how Minnesota ended up with Senator Stuart Smally aka Al Franken.

   Next we turn our attention to the ignorant and uninformed. These people live their lives vicariously through their pop culture icons. They stay in touch with the Hollywood crowd, and they hang on every word of those communist leaning, dictator loving, America hating, bleeding heart thespians. If one of their fantasy world heroes says it, they believe it. People magazine is their bible, and they’ll jump off a cliff for Oprah. Actually, it’s very sad but is also very harmful. Articles have been written by the score bemoaning low voter turn out in elections. As for myself, I would much rather that a small, well informed minority with substance decide the fate of our society than a bunch of ignorant dunderheads and bimbos who have jumped on the rock the vote bandwagon.

   Minorities are next on the list. This go around it was a no-brainer that African-Americans would vote for Barack Obama because of his race. But it wouldn’t have mattered if he had been polka-dotted as long as he had that (D) by his name on the ballot. Ninety plus percent of African-Americans always vote for the democratic candidate because they have been brainwashed to do so. Even though the democratic party sold them out a long time ago. It is much the same in the Hispanic community. This is why the Democrats are pushing for amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens because they know that they will instantly gain another large block of automatic voters which they could take for granted just like they do the African-Americans. It’s ironic that most Hispanic and African-American families live their lives as conservatives.

   Next I want to address the self-described moderates in our society. I have less respect for them than I do liberals. At least the liberals, as wrong as they are, have the guts to take a stand on an issue. They don’t try to ride the fence. Moderates always claim to be independent and state that they vote for the man and not the party. But you let a charismatic candidate who is spewing sweet-sounding blather come along, such as Barack Obama, and they swoon like fifties-era school girls at an Elvis concert. Much like the little boy in the movie Swingblade, they just like the way he talks. It doesn’t matter that what he says has no real meaning or substance. He got elected on two words, hope and change, and not much else. It was like watching a skit on SNL.

   Next up is a group of folks that don’t get mentioned anymore but they are still around. In the south we refer to them as “yellow dog democrats.” They got that name because it is said that they will vote for a yellow dog before they will vote for any candidate who is not a democrat. They are conservative people who will always vote for the democrat because their daddy and granddaddy always voted for the democrat. Politically, they live their lives under a rock, and they don’t seem to realize that the democratic party was hijacked long ago by every liberal interest group in the nation. Unbelievably, these dinosaurs still exist, and I know it’s true because I still know a few of them.

   Conservatives are not going to escape my diatribe today. Many on our side contributed mightily to this mess. To many, including myself, John McCain was not conservative enough. He takes the conservative side on some issues but on many important issues he has stood with the liberals. He always loved to thumb his nose at the republican and conservative establishment. He cultivated his “maverick” image as he sought the approval of the mainstream media, who turned their backs on him as soon as he won the nomination. Many conservatives took what they perceived to be a principaled stand and refused to vote for John McCain. They stayed away in droves on election day. As for me, I took John’s mother’s advice. I went into the ballot box, held my nose and voted for John McCain. Now I bet ole John ain’t looking so bad to those principaled non-voters. Thanks to them and others, we are stuck with President Barack Hussein Obama.

   We have to face the facts. There will not be a Ronald Reagan on every ballot in every election. Sometimes we have to consider who will do the least amount of damage while in office. We then must hold our noses and vote for the lesser of the two evils. The Tea Party movement is inspiring and has my full support but a third party is not a viable option. Our political landscape is too entrenched in the two-party system. We must work hard to bring the republican party back to the conservative roots which were planted by Goldwater and cultivated by Reagan.