The "Mafia-Style" Strong Arm Tactics of the Obama White House

   I am a 24 year veteran law enforcement officer. There was a time that I worked in a large metropolitan police department. That city had a strong organized crime syndicate in its midst. And as far as I know, it still does. I no longer reside or work there. The local mafia was involved in three major legitimate businesses. They owned a local bank where their money was laundered. They were involved in legalized gambling. And they monopolized the local garbage pick-up.

   At one time, a hard-working small business man moved into the area. He attempted to start a competing garbage pick-up service. At first the local crime family attempted to discourage him with minor hinderances. They blocked his trucks with debris so his routes couldn’t be run on their proper schedule. They then began to vandalize his equipment. Some of his trucks were torched beyond repair. His insurance was cancelled. Then some of his drivers were assaulted. A few were critically hurt. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. He closed his business and meekly left town. The bad guys won.

   Last year our government took over two car companies, General Motors and Chrysler. They were both deemed to be too big to fail. They are both based in Michigan and both use UAW workers. We all know that leadership in the major unions has been in bed with organized crime for years. It’s no secret. And we know that bloated union packages led to the decline of both companies. The government, meaning the Obama administration, reorganized Chrysler. Under their reorganization, the UAW was given a large portion of the ownership of the company. Company bondholders were forced to accept pennies on the dollar. Many hard working people lost their life savings, and their retirement plans were wiped out. A lawyer for the bondholders, who balked at accepting the government’s plan, was directly threatened by the Obama White House. As usual, the Democrats in power took care of their staunch union boss supporters. And once again, the bad guys won.

   Now the White House seems to be targeting the largest and strongest competitor to their government-owned companies. Toyota is feeling the wrath of the Obama administration. Car companies have been having recalls on their vehicles ever since vehicles have been made. There is nothing unusual about it. It’s commonplace in the industry. But now, Toyota is being raked across the coals by the government like no other company has ever been. To me it is obvious that the government is doing everything possible to do major damage to Toyota. And I suspect that it is because Toyota is successful, and they don’t use union workers, which is a big part of their success. Other companies which use non-union workers are also doing well. Honda, Mercedes, Hyundai and Khia all have factories in the U.S., and their share of the market is growing. It is probably just a matter of time before the government comes after them with their mafioso-style strong arm tactics. Ford is probably safe for the time being, because they’re still marching to the UAW’s drumbeat.

   The Obama administration has brought “Chicago-style” politics to Washington. Their strong arm tactics are deeply rooted in organized crime. I’m not saying that President Obama is a mafia “don” but he has close associates who are obviously “made” men. And they’re not trying too hard to hide it. This November, let’s go to the ballot box and make certain that the bad guys don’t win again.