Lt. Governor Andre Bauer was right ; He just used a poor choice of words.

   Liberals, democrats and the media, which we all know to be one and the same, have attempted to convince the world that they have the market cornered on compassion and care for the less fortunate. They have demonized republicans and conservatives as being heartless and uncaring. Their campaign of propaganda has been very successful. The majority of apolitical, uninformed people look at conservatives in that light. However, nothing could be farther from the truth.

   The “nanny state”, which the liberals have created, does just enough to insure that the poor stay poor. They provide government-subsidized housing which is almost always substandard and squalid. And since the residents have no ownership stake in where they live, they do not have enough pride in it to properly maintain it. It becomes even more rundown. The food stamp program has been relatively successful when compared to others but irresponsible recipients still abuse and mismanage what is given them. Unfortunately, this causes many children to go hungry. Welfare checks are just enough to keep the impoverished in poverty. Medicaid is rife with abuse and corruption. Many doctors will no longer see medicaid patients because of slow payment, inadequate payment or nonpayment. This guarantees that the poor will be deprived of proper healthcare. The children of the poor are forced to attend substandard, mismanaged public schools with tenured substandard teachers. They enter the game of life without a proper education.

   Trillions with a capital “T” of dollars have been spent by the liberal democrats in their “war on poverty” but poverty is still just as prevalent today as it has ever been. Obviously, something is not working. These liberal “do-gooders” continue to throw more and more of other peoples’ money at problems, and the unsuccessful results be damned. I guess if it makes them feel better about their self-centered selves and demonstrates their superior compassion, they don’t care about the actual results. The poor, ignorant people of our society gladly line up to receive free handouts of “Obama” money. They don’t know nor seem to care about from where it came. And they don’t seem to realize that it is the briefest of respites from their dire situations.

   Liberal democrats have done more to keep poor people down than any dictator, despot, slaveowner or land baron ever has. But out of their ignorance these underprivileged people continue to give their oppressors their loyal blind support. It’s laughable but sad.

   As a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, I truly compassionately believe that everyone should be given access to the American Dream. The poor should receive a quality education through school vouchers and charter schools with quality educators. Private schools provide far superior educations at less than half the cost of public schools. More money is not always the answer. At key moments in their developement, they should receive proper career counseling and guidance. Instead of a lifetime of handouts, they should be provided with usable, practical career/job training. We shouldn’t toss them a can of sardines each day ; We should provide them a fishing pole and tackle with the proper training to use them so they can gainfully provide for themselves. This will instill pride and dignity in them which at this point has been drained out. They should also have a properly operating government that will not punish any success they may attain. Our governments on all levels waste enough taxpayer money to balance all their budgets and to pay all existing debt over time. And they need a government that will take wise common sense steps to protect and create quality jobs for them to fill. We should be encouraging the less fortunate to strive to be productive citizens that give to the common good of society instead of being a drain on it. It would take a lot of time to undo the damage that has been wrought but it is doable, and it’s certainly worth the effort.

   I have immense respect for all people no matter their race, creed, gender or color. I would never compare people with animals but it’s true that humankind and animals do share some characteristics. If you take a young animal out of the wild and raise it to adulthood on handouts, you will never be able to release it back into the wild because it will not have the skills necessary to survive on its own. The liberal handouts have left multiple generations of people without the proper skills to succeed in life. Now is as good a time as any to turn that negative tide.

   South Carolina Lt. Governor Bauer was right in what he was trying to say. He just used an extremely poor choice of words to express himself.