Despite it all, this is still a season of good tidings and great joy.

   We can all clearly see that we are living in troubled times. Society’s moral compass is very much askew. Innocent unborn babies are murdered by the thousands each year. People who are living perverted “alternative” lifestyles are allowed to marry in some states and are also allowed to adopt impressionable children. Our government is growing at an alarming rate and is becoming more and more intrusive. School shootings and workplace shootings are regular occurrences. Our southern border is under siege by violent drug traffickers. The urban areas of our nation have multiple homicides each week. The value of human life is in a constant downward spiral. Extremist Muslims are spreading their terror all over the world. Our government’s “Safe Schools Czar” has a history of instructing boys on how to be proper victims of pedophillia. This is just a few of the problems we face, and it is truly a sad state of affairs. My heart aches as I watch it unfold on a daily basis.

   With all that being written, this is still a glorious season of good tidings and great joy. A little over 2,000 years ago, a special child was born. His mother was an unwed teenager when He was conceived. He was born in squalid conditions, and His birth was first announced to the world’s lowest social class. He was sought by wise men and still is today.

   In the city of David, God in the flesh entered the world. His name is Jesus, and He came to seek and to save. It is imperative that we educate our children and grandchildren that Jesus’ miraculous birth is the true reason for this glorious season. It is certainly okay for us to enjoy the Christmas traditions of shopping, fellowship, gift giving, decorating and jolly old Saint Nicholas, who was a real person by the way. But we cannot truly have Christmas without Christ.

   If you are a born-again believer, please, take the time to tell someone the good news of Jesus Christ and what wonderful things He has done in your life. Just imagine that the world was hit by a terrible plague, and a select group of us knew about the cure. What kind of people would we be if we didn’t share it with the afflicted? Make no mistake about it, our world is suffering with the plagues of sin, immorality and pure evil. Jesus Christ is the only cure, and we should be compelled to share Him with the sick. And we should do it with love and kindness. It will be their important decision as to whether or not they accept the cure.

   If we truly wish to change our world for the better, and I believe that deep down we all do, we must do it one heart at a time. Jesus is still seeking the lost, and He still wishes to save. As His disciples, it is our duty to assist Him in every way we can.

   And always remember, even in the darkest of times, all things work for good for those who love the Lord. God bless everyone and a Merry Christmas to all.