I'm sick and tired of the tail wagging the dog.

   A recent poll indicated that approximately 40% of Americans identify themselves as conservatives. Only 20% proclaimed to be liberal. This has always been and is still a majority center-right nation. Outside the D.C. beltway and Hollywood, the folks still believe in God and country.

   For many years, our nation has bent over backwards to protect the rights and interests of minorities, and we should. It is important that we protect the rights and freedoms of all. But as the rights of minorities have been protected, the will of the heartland majority has been kicked to the curb, and this is not right.

   Much of our current situation is our own fault. We have not held our governments accountable. We continue to elect corrupt, elitist officials. We have stood by and watched as the Democratic Party stole election after election with the assistance of organizations like ACORN, the SEIU and the New Black Panther Party. Without as much as a whimper, we have bent over and took it.

   Even though the leftists are in the minority, they work harder and are much more persistent than the “silent majority.” Our army is larger but they have more soldiers on the battlefied. Too many on our side are content to passively watch from the sidelines. This has allowed this vocal minority to make deep rips in our societal fabric. We have allowed them to indoctrinate our children through the public education system. We have completely ceded control of the so-called mainstream media to them. As we meekly stood by, they have managed to remove God and Christianity from the public square.

   We must all enter into the fray before it is too late. We are on the verge of completely losing our great nation to the leftists and secularists forever. It is imperative that we all get involved politically on the local, state and national levels. We must identify, nominate and elect strong candidates who mirror our values and viewpoints. We cannot be timid about letting our elected officials know where we stand on the important issues. It is a must that we educate our children on our conservative values and our Judeo-Christian heritage. Our beloved Constitution is under constant assault. Do not be afraid to toe the line and fight the good fight. Our future and our way of life is at stake. We cannot blink nor take a backward step.

   The Tea Parties and the Town Halls demonstrate that a much needed spark has been lit. We need to stoke it and fan it until it becomes a wildfire that cannot be contained. I realize that in this forum I am preaching to the choir but we must find a way to inspire and spur our sedentary brethren into action. Many live their lives conservatively with conservative values and viewpoints but they have never stepped outside of their workaday world to take a stand on anything. This has to stop. We cannot afford the luxury of having anyone on our side to sit out the fight. Our toes are on the edge which falls off into utter disaster. And we can’t just think of ourselves. The future of children and grandchildren has to be considered also.

   The U.S.A. is without a doubt the greatest nation in the history of the world but it is somewhat tarnished, and it’s our fault. We all must share in the blame. But fortunately we can do somethng about it, and we must. There is a place for all here no matter their race, ethnicity or religion. But when we make a place at the table for them, we shouldn’t toss away the culture and traditions which made this country great. The time has come for us to stop the tail from wagging the dog.

   Merry Christmas to all, and I ask that you reflect on the true reason for the season. Always keep Christ in Christmas.