El Rushbo: A Good Man Done Wrong

   There is not nor has there ever been a vast rightwing conspiracy. It was invented by the Clintons. They used this imajinary “boogie man” to deflect the harmful truth as it came to light and to attack their detractors. They were very good. Now the Obama administration has dredged up this mythical conservative creature. They are attempting to paint Rush Limbaugh and Fox News as the two-headed ogre that leads this monster by its leash. And they have multitudes of willing accomplices in the so-called mainstream media who take up their torches and pitchforks to battle this monster that doesn’t exist. These people are either blind, stupid or both. I think it’s the latter. They make Don Quixote look sane and rational.

   There are many great conservative commentators on Fox News and talk radio. But Rush Limbaugh was one of the very earliest to hang the conservative banner in the alternative media, and he has been the most successful. He blazed the trail that allowed others to follow. He has been the most effective commentator at pulling back the curtains and revealing liberals as the buffoons and morons they truly are. And he is extremely entertaining while doing it. Rush is the standard by which all others are judged.

   Liberals claim to be for the poor and downtrodden, but their policies keep them impoverished ; They do not lift them up. Liberals claim to be tolerant of all people, but when it comes to opposing viewpoints, they’re about as tolerant as the Taliban. Liberals claim to be for free speech, but only when it is speech with which they agree ; They fall over themselves to condemn someone over something that was spoken. Liberals claim to be against racism, but they are the ones that always bring up race in a situation whether it is applicable or not. Liberals claim to care, and they do. They care for the perpetrators not the victims. They care for the guilty not the innocent. They care for the perverted not the pure. They care for the oppressors not the oppressed. They care for our enemies not our allies. They care for the lawbreakers not the law abiding. They care for endangered minnows not human beings. They care but for all the wrong things.

   Rush Limbaugh has taken on liberals on all fronts, and he has been wildly successful. I thank God for Rush Limbaugh and others like him. For his success, liberals loathe him and hate him with extreme prejudice. Liberals will stop at nothing to destroy those who dare to get in their way. To them the truth is irrelevant ; The ends always justify the means. Rush has been purposely misquoted, taken out of context, misrepresented and attacked without merit. He has withstood it all like a fortress in a storm.

   Now the liberals have successfully spoiled one of Rush’s aspirations. They have libeled and slandered him beyond all reason, and I’m certain that they see it as poetic justice. Rush has proven to be a fighter, and he is not taking this lying down, and I would be disappointed if he did. Rush has been blessed richly by God, and he doesn’t need our pity. But he does deserve our support. What has happened to him can happen to any of us. Let’s support Rush with our prayers, with our words (both written and spoken) and with any boycotts which may become applicable. We should be willing to do it for anyone that has been treated unfairly. Now is the time to draw that proverbial line in the sand. We must stand against slanderous liberal persecution.