The Great Conservative Unifier, Barack Obama

   I received a good strict southern upbringing. It was drummed into me that if you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all. Unfortunately, I must confess that I have not always heeded that sage advice, but I do look for something good and positive in everyone. At times it can be very difficult. With some folks, it is much like trying to find a diamond in a pile of coal. And I’m sure that there are some who feel that way about me. Beauty, wisdom and positive impressions are in the eyes of the beholder.

   President Barack Obama is not one of my favorite people. He has nationalized a large portion of the banking system.  And thanks to him, two-thirds of the American auto industry is owned and operated by the federal government, which itself is going bankrupt. Now he is trying to dismantle the greatest healthcare system in the world by nationalizing it. Dubious organizations (see ACORN) have close ties to the Obama White House. Shady characters are integral players in his past and present (see the Chicago political machine, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones and any one of numerous leftist czars which currently occupy the White House.) His foreign policy consists of apology tours, support of banana republic dictators, embracing our enemies, alienating our friends, placating Russia at the expense of our loyal allies in eastern Europe and waffling on the war in Afghanistan while our brave warriors are losing their lives. The latter is being done to pacify his leftwing political base. Without doubt, he is the most liberal president that we have ever had. He is a “spread-the-wealth” socialist or to use beer brand vernacular, he is communist lite. I could spend all evening writing about his negatives but I will end it here.

   Now let me point out some of his positives as I perceive them. He is a talented speaker as long as he has his speechwriters and teleprompter. Often he stumbles and bumbles over his words when he has to “freestyle.” It has to be somewhat embarassing to his young hip-hop supporters. He appears to be a loving husband and father. I sincerely mean it when I write that as a devoted family man, he sets a good example for all the young men of our nation. He thinks that Kanye West is a jackass. I believe that most of us would agree with that assessment. So you see, I do not believe that President Obama is without merit. And I have not yet mentioned his greatest attribute.

   He has inspired and united conservative, patriotic Americans like no one since the greatest president of the twentieth century, Ronald Reagan. It has been done from the opposite end of the spectrum, but it has been very effective. The tea parties, the town hall meetings and the recent rally in D.C. demonstrate grassroots conservatism of which I’ve never seen. The kinder, gentler George H.W. Bush could not inspire on this level. Newt Gingrich and his contract with America was inspirational for a brief moment, but Newt got a huge assist from co-presidents Bill and Hillary Clinton. Our latest President Bush had his moments but he never could sustain it, because he often wandered away from conservatism. Senator McCain couldn’t even get the ball rolling probably because he is not a conservative.

   President Obama may be a reluctant inspirational leader of the conservative movement, but he is an effective one. He has helped many people to realize that they are true conservatives. Thanks to him, they have stopped wandering in the wilderness of moderates and independents. The President has inspired these fine folks to the detriment of his own party, and it does not bode well for him and his colleagues on the left in 2010. For your inspirational leadership, I salute you President Obama. In a strange, twisted sort of way, you have been a tonic for all the lethargic, silent conservatives. I thank you, sir, from the bottom of my heart.