Keith Olbermann: A Tired, Worn Out, Classless Act

Snarky and egomaniacal are two prominent adjectives that come to mind when I think of MSNBC sideshow barker Keith Olbermann. He is an extreme leftist elitist of the nth degree. At the head of the class he sits with George Soros, Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, B. Hussein Obama and Hugo Chavez. They’re all upset that we won’t get out of the way and let them dismantle our country. Sometimes I watch Animal Planet, and anytime I see an agitated, howling, poop-throwing monkey, I immediately think of Keith Olbermann. I can’t help myself.

ESPN put him on the air as a sportscaster. Riding Dan Patrick’s coattails, he managed a nominal amount of acclaim. The “world wide sports leader” attempted to make him the hip face of ESPN2. He was a living caricature with his hair slicked back and with the collar of his “Fonzie” leather jacket turned up. It looked like Elvis and Buddy Holly had a son together. Mercifully for everyone, he was eventually fired with extreme prejudice by the network. Somehow, he managed to get a job with Fox Sports. Shortly thereafter, he was fired by Rupert Murdoch. When asked why he had fired Olbermann, Mr. Murdoch simply replied, “because he’s crazy.” Early on, Mr. Murdoch realized what we all now know.

It has been my observation that stupid people do not realize that they’re stupid. They live in an ignorant bliss where they brim with confidence, and they spend a lot of time patting themselves on the back for their self-perceived greatness. It is somewhat humorous when it is depicted in fictional characters such as Ace Ventura or Barney Fife, but it is sickening when it’s demonstrated in reality by people like Mr. Olbermann. Often he accuses others of telling lies and of being delusional, but no one on today’s airwaves bends and twists the truth as much as he.

He delights in attacking any political commentator who is right of center. The thought of a murdering terrorist being waterboarded repulses him, but he was giddy with hope that Sean Hannity would be waterboarded. Feebly, he attempted to make a mockery of Rush Limbaugh over a span of several weeks. I guess even he realized that he couldn’t compete with the “Great One” in the arena of ideas. On several occasions, he has attempted to start a rivalry with Bill O’Reilly, who trounces him in the ratings. I guess he never figured out that a bug does not have a rivalry with a windshield. Now he is going after Glenn Beck. This mental midget will be way out of his league in this endeavor too.

Mr. Olbermann should thank his lucky stars that the leftist loons at MSNBC started a network where ratings and a lack of common sense don’t matter. It’s the only way that he could possibly hope to keep steady employment.