The Continuing Devaluation of Human Life

   The current healthcare reform debate has demonstrated how the different political factions, which make up our nation’s political scene, view human life.

   The Christian right has been steadfast in their opposition to abortion, euthanasia and anything else that leads to the devalument of human life. I am an unashamed born-again Christian, and I proudly count myself as a member of this group.

   The far left in our country has the audacity to believe that they have the right to determine an individual’s worth to society. They also believe that it is their place to determine a person’s viability and whether or not there is a legitimate purpose for their life. It’s extremely ironic. They rail against God and in any belief in Him but they certainly do not have a problem in playing god.

   No matter what anyone thinks, every person has value. We are all created in the image of our Creator. God has a legitimate purpose for all of his creations. Many have the misconception that people with various infirmities lead miserable lives with no value or purpose. But if you take the time to meet and to know these precious people, you will find that they enjoy life and living more than most do, and they are a tremendous blessing to everyone around them.

   The debasement of human life accelerated in 1973 with the advent of legalized abortion. Our Constitution guarantees every American the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But under the law as it now exists, a person must escape his or her mother’s womb alive to take advantage of these rights. Unfortunately, in the eyes of many, an unborn child is not a viable human being. This is a point of view that I cannot understand at all.

   Euthanasia came to the forefront in the mid-90’s when Dr. Jack Kevorkian vaulted onto the national stage. He was hailed a hero by the left-wingers when he thumbed his nose at society and assisted over 100 people in ending their own lives. Eventually, he was arrested, convicted and was put in prison. It was the correct ending to a sorrowful tale. But many saw nothing wrong with what Dr. Kevorkian did. I respect a person’s right to die with dignity, and I believe in living wills in which a person may request to not be kept alive by artificial means. But God blessed us with life, and we should strive to live each and every second to its fullest.

   The Terri Schiavo case offers further evidence that human life has less value in society than it once did. Ms. Schiavo was not being kept alive by any artificial means. Apparently, she became an inconvenience and burden that her husband did not wish to deal with anymore. He decided that her life should end, and a liberal judge agreed with him. Her feeding tube was removed, and she died of dehydration and starvation. Imagine the outrage if you chained a curr dog and then deprived it of life sustaining food and water until it died. Just ask Michael Vick. Do not misunderstand my point. I condemn what Michael Vick did, and I do not condone animal cruelty in any form. But any human life is more important than any animal or animals. I realize that there are misguided people who refuse to ackowledge this fact, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

   End of life counseling has become a hot topic in the current healthcare reform debate. The former governor of the great state of Alaska, Sarah Palin, has referred to it as a death panel or council. The Obama administration has vehemently denied it, and the President even invoked his deceased grandmother into the discussion. But when you have faceless, unelected bureaucrats who are charged with placing a monetary value on a person’s worth, and they are making critical decisions about whether a person has enough value to society to warrant receiving an expensive medical treatment, what else could you call it? It would truly be a death panel, and Ms. Palin has squarely hit the nail on the head. Our senior citizens are a valuable resource of knowledge, wisdom and lore. This current proposed healthcare reform would kick them to the curb like they were rubbish.

   This plan would also pay for abortions. The latest polls indicate that a slight majority in this country are against abortion. You could be pro-life or pro-choice, and your tax dollars would be used to fund abortions whether you agreed with it or not. You would not have any say whatsoever.

   Our nation already allows unborn children to be murdered for the sake of convenience. We are now headed down the pathway where we will allow the aged and the infirmed to die because they will be denied critically needed medical care. They will be deemed to be unworthy of the expense, or they will be labeled an inconvenient drain on society.

   In 1976 a movie entitled “Logan’s Run” was released. The premise of the film was that all human lives had to be ended at age 30 in order to preserve and to protect the world’s natural resources. It sounds farfetched, doesn’t it? But is it really? We are steadily heading in that direction. As moral, principaled people, we must refuse to let the far left idealogues, which now fill the White House, hijack our nation and society. We must all bravely take a stand as many already have.