G-8 Insanity

   Reports from the G-8 summit in Italy state that the G-8 leaders have agreed to limit global warming. They say that they will not let it go over 2 degrees celsius. Humankind has always overestimated our actual impact on the planet which we call home, but these loons are taking this arrogance to a whole new level. They seem to be willing to dismantle the global industrial economy over this issue, and it’s something over which they have no control. The whole thing is a farce.

   Warming and cooling trends have always existed in Earth’s history. These cycles occurred long before there were any manmade “greenhouse gases.” Small-scale cycles of about 40 years exist within larger-scale cycles of 400 years. It has always been that way.

   From AD1400 until AD1860, the earth went through a cool period. It was known as the “Little Ice Age.” It included harsh winters, shorter growing seasons and drier climates. A warming trend began around 1860. It lasted until about 1940. Some of the hottest years ever recorded were the mid 1930’s. From 1940 until the mid 70’s there was another gradual cooling trend. The environmentalist lunatics thought we were headed toward another ice age. And you may be surprised to learn what they thought was to blame for it. They were convinced that it was manmade. They said that we were blocking out the sun with our atmospheric pollution. It sounds familiar,  doesn’t it?

   Before this asinine movement could gain traction, something happened to derail it. Beginning in the late 70’s, another warming trend developed. This trend slowly but gradually continued through the 80’s and 90’s. Again, the “Chicken Littles” of the world sounded the alarm. We were causing it with our “greenhouse gases,” and catastrophe was headed our way. These nutjobs will flap in any prevailing wind like an old ragged flag. And now a curious thing has happened again. Since 2001, temperatures have slowly been in decline. And according to Al Gore and his disciples, this cooling trend is also caused by global warming. You couldn’t make this stuff up. It’s mindboggling.

   The sane people in this world must work hard to put a stop to this nonsense. Climate patterns and weather cycles are caused by changes in the earth’s rotation and orbit and in fluctuations of the sun’s energy output. It is as simple as that, and humankind has absolutely no control over it. People need to accept the fact that we’re not nearly as powerful and influential in nature as many think.

   Carbon dioxide has been branded the primary culprit in the “greenhouse gas” debate. Ignorant folks are scurrying around. They are worried about what their “carbon footprint” is. It’s ridiculous to the point of being sickening. Carbon dioxide makes up only four parts of every 10,000 parts of the air in our atmosphere. It is necessary for plant life to exist. Bear with me while I give a basic biology class here. Each and every human being inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide. Through the process of photosynthesis, plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. It’s perfect. We need plants for survival, and they depend on us. It seems like a sound plan from a brilliant creator. But I know that the global warming crowd doesn’t want to hear about that subject.

   This is one time that we cannot allow the baby to be thrown out with the bathwater. It has already happened several times throughout history with disastrous results. I will give you two examples about what I’m writing.

   About 20-25 years ago, scientists discovered a hole in the ozone over Antarctica. Like always, the arrogant loons declared that it was manmade. They took all the fluorocarbons from all the aerosol cans, most notably hairspray. Worldwide, bouffant hairdos suffered. But what really mattered was that billions of dollars were unnecessarily spent to change over cooling systems from one form of freon to another. It was a complete waste of money.

   These ozone holes are also cyclical natural occurring events. Nothing manmade caused them ; Nothing manmade can repair them. In the winter, when temperatures at the poles fall below -78 degrees celsius, natural chemical reactions occur on the surfaces of ice crystals. These chemical reactions create the elements that cause the ozone holes. When the temperature warms, the holes repair themselves. If you don’t believe me, look it up. Billions of dollars were thrown away for no good reason. But it’s only money, right?

   Prior to the 1960’s, DDT was used as an effective pesticide. It killed the mosquitoes which spread malaria, and it killed the lice which spread typhus. In 1962 a book was published. It was written by Rachel Carson, and it was entitled “Silent Spring.” It was one of the early “bibles” of the environmental extremists. It outlined the imagined dangers of DDT. The Kennedy administraton fell in line, and the rest of the world soon followed. Extensive testing of DDT has been done. There have never been any recorded adverse effects on humans in any studies which have been conducted. It’s a fact, believe it or not. There have been adverse effects on the internal organs of lab animals, but these animals were exposed to megadoses that would never occur in any normal usage of DDT.

   As a result of all this, DDT usage was stopped worldwide. And millions of people across the globe have needlessly died from malaria and typhoid fever. It’s a truly sad story, and it has rarely been mentioned by the media.

   The future of our world economy and our way of life is now at stake. We cannot allow a small group of lunatics such as the G-8 leaders, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman and Ed Markey to destroy it. Sanity has to make a comeback. This lunacy must be stopped. We have the power, and we can make great strides at the ballot box in 2010.