Manchurian Candidate? Obama is far Worse

   Some have referred to President Obama as being a true-life Manchurian candidate. I would have to respectfully disagree. A true Manchurian candidate would be far more subtle in his disdain for our nation and for which it stands. Initially, he would be supportive of our allies and would display a stern-but insincere-resolve against our enemies. A Manchurian candidate would be the prime example of the wolf in sheep’s clothing of which the Good Book warns us.

   President Obama is definitely not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is the wolf that charges into the midst of the flock with determination to create as much carnage as possible until the shepherd can stop it. Make no mistake about it, he is doing tremendous damage. We must be the shepherd.

   For many years, Great Britain has been our most dependable ally. They have stood with us-and us with them-through thick and thin. Right out of the gate, the President seemed to be determined to disrespect the Brits. One of his first acts as president was to remove the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office. Unceremoniously, he dispatched it to the British embassy. I respect the President’s right to personalize the Oval Office but this situation could have and should have been handled with more respect and tact. I feel certain that another place of honor could have been found for the statue of one of the great statesmen in the history of the world.

   Then President Obama  proceeded to treat Prime Minister Gordon Brown like the proverbial red-headed stepchild. There was not the usual pomp and circumstance when the Browns arrived to visit the Obama’s for the first time. No family time was spent during the visit. The usual joint press conference was not held. There was no state dinner, and the Obama’s gave gifts which might as well have come from the local Dollar Tree store. I guess the Five and Dime wasn’t open. After all this, the President had the audacity to bow to Saudi King Abdullah, who rules one of the most oppressive societies in the world. He and his minions denied it but it was there for all to see.

   Before he was ever sworn into office, President Obama stated that he would be willing to sit down and conversate with the maniacal Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, without any preconditions. This is the madman who continues to deny that the Holocaust ever happened. Often he has called for the complete annihilation of the sovereign nation of Israel. And his rogue country is on the fasttrack to having nuclear weapons. Our esteemed liberal leader is doing nothing to prevent it.

   Conversely, President Obama took a hardline approach with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He had the audacity to attempt to dictate how the Prime Minister should govern his country. The Obama administration stood silently by while Palestinian terrorists steadily shelled Israel from the Gaza Strip, but they were quick to condemn the Israelis when they finally retaliated. It would all be comical if it wasn’t so true.

   The President happily trotted off to spend some quality time with all the third-rate, third world dictators of the western hemisphere. I suspect that he hopes to soon become one. He obligingly sat through a 90 minute propagandistic diatribe presented by the leftist Nicaraguan leader, Daniel Ortega. He didn’t lift an eyebrow. I guess it’s possible that he mistakenly thought that he was sitting through another routine Jeremiah Wright sermon, or maybe he was contemplating whether or not to hire Ortega’s speechwriter. Then he graciously accepted a book from president-for-life Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. This is the same man who referred to President George W. Bush as the devil. In this regard, President Obama quite possibly agrees with his South American mentor. They seem to have many things in common.

   President Obama went to Cairo to make history. He apologized-as he always does-for all of America’s wrongdoings as perceived by him. He grandly extolled the greatness and virtue of Islam, and he never once mentioned any of the many significant times that America has rushed to aid and support Muslims.

   The distinguished leader of the free world was initially hesitant to voice any support for brave souls who are demonstrating for freedom against a tyrannical regime which is endorsing a corrupt election in Iran. But his administration is quick to decry a Honduran congress and judicial system that is desperately trying to protect their constitution and democracy. These leaders are only doing what should have been done in Venezuela. I just hope that our congress and court system are paying attention. At some time in the future, we may need them to respond in kind. You laugh now but you never know.

   Our president will not call a terrorist a terrorist. In one moment, he denies that we’re a Christian nation. In the next moment, he loudly and proudly proclaims that we’re one of the world’s largest Muslim nations. Never mind that it’s not true. The truth doesn’t seem to matter to this president and his mindnumbed zombie-like followers.

   He has taken control of two thirds of the auto industry in the good ole U.S. of A. A 31-year-old college dropout now runs it. Bond holders and investors have been kicked to the curb while the palms of his cronies at the UAW are greased. Profitable car dealers have been forced to close their doors. Some of these family-run businesses have been passed down through generations. He often speaks on empathy but I guess empathy is only reserved for a special few.

   A large part of the financial industry is now under his thumb. He controls the pay of officials of private companies. Bulldoggedly, he is trying to nationalize, which means destroy, the greatest private healthcare system that the world has ever seen. Never has he ran a business of any size in his life, and yet the nation breathlessly waits for him to be our financial savior. All the while, he and his enablers in the democratic controlled congress are spending us into oblivion. Sometimes I have to laugh to keep from crying.

   The Chinese own us. The Russians are advising us on how to run a free-market system. The French are talking tougher on Iran than are we. The North Koreans are thumbing their noses at us, and the world’s lone superpower is fast becoming the world’s laughingstock.

   President Reagan was able to right the wrongs of the Carter administration, but I’m not certain that anyone will be able to repair this looming mess.

   My hope hinges with God, who is always ultimately in control.