Just Say No to Gay Marriage

   For the time being, we still live in a free country. But I can see that our freedom is slowly being eroded away. Many brave men and women have sacrificed, fought, worked and have even died to establish and to protect our freedom. They have earned and deserve our full respect and support.

   I recognize and respect a person’s right to live their life as they see fit, as long as it is lawful. That right has been paid for with blood, sweat and tears. If two men or two women want to be involved in an intimate relationship that is their perogative. I acknowledge and will defend their right to do so. Discrimination must not be tolerated no matter which group or person it is directed towards.

   I have strongly held beliefs, both spiritual and patriotic, but I am a “live and let live” person. I am always willing to share my beliefs with others, but I will not attempt to force my beliefs on anyone. I absolutely do not believe in it. Everyone has the right to live their own life.

   With all that being written, I do have strong opinions on certain topics just as most people do. I do not and will not accept the homosexual lifestyle as being okay. And I certainly do not believe in “gay marriage.” In my humble opinion, homosexuality is a perversion, and a very wrong choice. Many will say that it is not a choice, but there are many testimonials of people who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior who then left behind the alternative style of living. But for the sake of the discussion, let’s concede that it is not a choice. There are many who practice necrophilia, beastiality and pedophilia, and a large portion of these practicioners will say that they did not choose how they are. And I guess that it could be remotely possible. But that does not make their acts any less perverted. The same is true about homosexuality. I will never socially accept it into the mainstream no matter how hard the liberals and gay activists push for it. Others may give it their personal stamp of approval but I will not. And I feel certain that there are many like me. Previous votes on this issue bear this out.

   Homosexuality is an abomination to our all-knowing, all-powerful Creator. His Holy Word tells us as much. And it completely goes against the very nature which he created.

   However, it should be left up to the voters of each state as to how this subject will be handled. I have no problem whatsoever with any state that provides a “civil union” solution, so that gay couples can receive the protection they deserve under the law. This is America and freedom is for all.

   Marriage is a religious ceremony where one man and one woman join together in holy matrimony and become one. I will readily admit that many heterosexual couples have bastardized this ceremony, but it doesn’t change the fact that it always has been and always should be between a man and a woman. As many have stated before, God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

   The traditional family is the primary building block in our American society. It is under constant assault from the left, and gay marriage is just another barrage in this conflict. It is important that we patriotic Americans toe the line and protect our traditional way of life. If we do not our great nation as we know it will collapse. So if and when gay marriage comes up for a vote in your state, take Mrs. Reagan’s advice, and just say no.