The President Made It About Politics - Again!!

The President had an opportunity tonight to challenge the creativity and ingenuity and compassion of the American people in a way that has seldom been done in the last several years. Unfortunately and inexplicably President Obama chose instead to make a political speech.

He would have been wise to call us to action, to ask for volunteers, to ask for help and ideas – Americans would have gladly answered. Instead, President Obama spent a third of his speech explaining how he had been on top of the situation from day one – sorry, but the people of the Gulf who are living through this nightmare aren’t buying that one.

Then he spent another third of his speech talking about the need to pass another budget crushing piece of legislation that the American people don’t want – Cap and Trade. Instead of saying let’s work together and figure out how to first stop the leak and then figure out how to ensure this never happens again – the President pushed a radical agenda which consisted of stopping the use of petroleum, the primary source of America’s energy. Can you say, “new taxes and increased costs that no American can afford?”

In that speech, it was as though the President chose to ignore the clean up efforts of the natural disaster and focus on the clean up efforts of his Administration’s PR disaster. At a time when the county is crying for leadership, the President should have remembered the real victims here – the people of the Gulf Coast who lost their coastline, who lost their livelihood and who lost their lives.

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