The Todd Akin Playbook (Continued)

Let’s review the bidding:  For eight years in the White House, Hillary Clinton served as a facilitator for her husband, the rapist, who used his position of power to sexually molest a succession of young women.  Had he been anyone else, he would have been prosecuted, rather than merely being disbarred and impeached.  Bill Clinton, who should have been imprisoned and placed on a sexual offender list, has, by the way, been promised a position of influence in his wife’s administration.  None of this is of interest to Clinton propaganda department, the mainline press.

The press, of course, goes crazy over what Trump correctly characterized as typical men’s “locker room” braggadocio.  Meanwhile, NBC, who had no problem in 2005 when its ogling interviewer elicited this banter from Donald Trump, has now decided that material it had had on tape for over a decade was suddenly the single worst sin in the history of humanity.  (Eleven years after the fact.)

And the press slyly uses its obsession to bury a WikiLeaks revelation that Clinton is deliberately lying in public about a wide range of her private positions.

None of this is subtle.

But apparently it is too subtle for the likes of Kelly Ayotte and John McCain.

Two months ago, I made a series of predictions.

I predicted that Trump would bounce back from his August slump, which he did.

I predicted that the Leftist media would seize on a Trump peccadillo, hold it up as though it was the worst gaffe in the history of campaigning, and demand that Republicans denounce and defund their chance to seize the White House.  Which it did.

I predicted that the tactic would work only if Republicans fell into the trap and destroyed their own candidate.

And the answer to that question is still outstanding.

I’m no stranger to throwing away my vote.  But, in the interest of advancing the hope that the GOP can win the Oval Office, I’m announcing that I’m not going to vote for Kelly Ayotte.  And I make this hard choice, knowing that Harry Reid is urging his successor in the Senate to use the “nuclear option” to abolish the filibuster.

For anyone who believes that the Republican Party could survive a Clinton presidency, let me remind him of this:


Between 1981 and 1987, one of my Senate employers was a very conservative Republican U.S. senator from California, Sam Hayakawa.  In 1986, Simpson-Mazzoli (granting amnesty to 3 million) so altered the California electoral demographic that there won’t even be a Republican in this year’s California senatorial run-off.

If Clinton, as she promises, grants amnesty, by executive fiat, to 11-20 illegals, her politicized courts will rubber-stamp that decision.  Combine this with 6,000,000 newly voting felons (see Friday’s New York Times, page A12), who are expected by the Times to be overwhelmingly Democrat.  The federal landscape will become like California’s.  Even if the GOP were to seize the White House before the effects had fully taken hold, these are not moves that could be reversed.

So, for those Establishment Republicans who are willing to write off 2017-2020 in hopes of winning the presidency in 2020, let me ask you this question:  When is the pendulum going to swing back in Sacramento?