Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Needs to be Blocked -- Period

Note to House conservatives: Aren’t you glad you didn’t blow up the Senate rules?

With the death of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, Barack Obama now has the opportunity to destroy virtually everything conservatives believe in.

The Second Amendment as an individual right? Incorporation of the Second Amendment?

Amnesty by executive fiat?

Environmental transformation by executive fiat?

A “health of the mother” exception that would freeze in taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand as a constitutional right — right up to the ninth month?

All of these are a “done deal” if Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court is approved.

Make no mistake: Like Sotomayor and Kagan, it will be a nominee who has no “paper trail.”  But anyone who thinks that this will be the first Obama nominee who is not an “Obama puppet” needs to get their head examined.

So here’s the bottom line: This upcoming election should be a referendum on the future of the Supreme Court. And the only way this will happen is if the Senate puts Obama’s nominee on hold.

True, there will be a fight on efforts to blow up the Senate rules in order to pack the court. And this effort will not be easier as a result of the House conservatives’ recent efforts to destroy the Senate as an institution.

And, for your information, there is a procedure for Harry Reid to force a confirmation vote, even if the Judiciary Committee fails to report. And, if he tries the “nuclear option,” he could try to achieve confirmation with 50 votes.