Los Angeles Radio Personality pushes to change Senate Rules to Allow Gun Control

Remember Toomey-Manchin, the Obama/Bloomberg gun control legislation?

And you remember how its defeat destroyed Obama’s momentum on amnesty, cap-and-trade, and the entire Obama legislative agenda?

Toomey-Manchin — i.e. Obama/Bloomberg gun control — had 55 votes in the Senate. It had a majority.

The reason it didn’t pass was that the Senate rules allowed the gun control legislation to be filibustered. And breaking the filibuster would have required 60 votes.

Now, a Los Angeles radio personality named Hugh Hewitt is attempting to badger presidential candidates into endorsing an elimination of the legislative filibuster — thereby opening the door to gun control – ostensibly to repeal ObamaCare.

And Jeb Bush has told Hewitt he “would consider” the idea.

But the problem is this:

It is possible to repeal ObamaCare, even if the filibuster is in place, using a process called “reconciliation.” “Reconciliation” allows one fiscal issue a year to be passed without the possibility of a filibuster — but only one — and which one it is would be determined by the party in control of Congress. This is more likely to be the Republicans in 2017 than the Democrats.

But, argue the Hewitts of the world, “reconciliation” can’t be used to repeal ObamaCare because, even using “dynamic scoring,” CBO has found that repeal would increase the deficit by $137 billion. And any “deficit increase” in “reconciliation” has to have an offset.

But here’s the rub:

Aside from the question of the static vs. dynamic scoring, ObamaCare contains hundreds of billions of dollars of fraudulent savings.

Remember the $500 billion of unspecified “Medicare savings” that Obama used to pretend that ObamaCare would not raise the deficit? If the Congressional Budget Office simply refuses to go along with the Democrats’ fraudulent accounting gimmicks, it becomes clear that ObamaCare is a river of red ink. And repeal of ObamaCare would reduce the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars.

Remember in 1997, when Congress enacted legislation to reduce the cost of Medicare? That legislation was just effectively repealed in the last month. Most conservative groups believe this “doc fix” repeal of 1997 savings will increase the deficit by $400 billion.

So question: If Congress is not willing to stick with 1997 Medicare cuts, why would anyone think it will abide by ObamaCare’s so called Medicare cuts?

So, yes, you can use “reconciliation” to repeal ObamaCare. You can do this without endorsing the vile and fraudulent “Reid rule” in order to eliminate the legislative filibuster in the Senate — and open the door to gun control.

Without the legislative filibuster, it is possible that Obama/Bloomberg gun control could pass today. After anticipated GOP Senate losses in the 2016 election, it will be a virtual certainty. And this is true, even if Republicans hang onto the Senate by a narrow margin.


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