Washington Post Goes "Full Mao"

It’s like Henry II and Thomas Beckett. (Look it up.) Queen Hillary muses about ridding herself of the meddlesome Scott Walker. A political hack-assassin publishes a piece in the Washington Post. And whammo! No Scott Walker. (Supposedly)

The hack-assassin is the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank. And the sword (again, supposedly) is his Sunday op-ed, entitled “Too spineless to be president,” attacking Walker.

And what Scott Walker did was to fail to denounce Rudy Giuliani for his remarks about Obama’s love (or lack thereof) for America at a dinner “featuring Walker.”

Now, there are things I like about Scott Walker and things I don’t like. But the more important point is, whether it be Rudy Giuliani (and Scott Walker) or Todd Akin (and Mitt Romney), being a prominent Republican in America is pretty much like being in a Maoist re-education camp.

GOP politicians are now expected to regularly denounce other Republicans, because the Left orders them to. And if they don’t, they’re denounced themselves as, e.g., “spineless” by a hypocrite media that largely gives liberals a pass. It’s like stabbing yourself in the back in order to save your adversary the trouble of doing so. [mc_name name=’Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000303′ ], for example, is particularly susceptible to rising to this bait.

So Republicans: Let’s keep the focus on the deficiencies of the Loony Left. There’s no lack of media hacks who will do the job of attacking us. If you critique a Republican candidate, do it from a conservative perspective, not because MSNBC tells you to.